1967 LeSabre top leaking at windshield

Discussion in 'The ragtop shop' started by colonel, Aug 20, 2023.

  1. colonel

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    I got caught in the rain yesterday and noticed drops of water (a lot of them) dripping from the sun visors in my 1967 LeSabre Custom 400 on the seats, my knees and the passenger side footwell .

    I assume the airstream forces water in at higher speeds.

    I already replaced the seal in the convertible top to the windshield chrome/polished steel moulding a couple of years ago and it still looks good and feels spongy. It´s a Metro HD731 header seal / weatherstrip. I also remember turning the hooks on the convertible top locking mechanism in one more thread and they already feel pretty hard to close.

    Any ideas how to make the top seal better to the windshield moulding?
  2. colonel

    colonel Speedjunky

  3. Smartin

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    Did you use sealant between the new seal and the top header? Does the leading edge piece (the piping bead) that runs along the front of the header sandwiched in between the new seal and top header?

    There is also the chrome/stainless pieces there that could be allowing water underneath and into the car. Those are often overlooked. All these tops do what you're describing...some more than others, though. Amazing that they sealed as well as they did from the factory. They never seem to be the same once something is replaced.
  4. colonel

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    Yeah, I glued the seal to the top header with the weatherstrip adhesive I used on my Corvettes, I believe 3M #08011. Not sure about your 2nd question.

    I don´t think that water comes in between chrome trims where it shouldn´t. I can see some sealant underneath the trim where it meets the glass. I am more leaning towards the new header seal not sealing tight against the chrome trim on top of the windshield.

    I replaced the seal because it wasn´t tight in the first place when I got the car. Now I understand from your post that the design is not the best anyway. I might try and run the top firm against the chrome trim with the motor/pump. I usually stop when the top hits the chrome to not "overdo" the pump.

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