Meet Diane, my 1970 GS455 - A "Forever Birthday" gift from our youngest son several years back.

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  1. RoseBud68
    "Looks great"
    Love a red convertible. Car looks great.
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    1. Michael_G

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  1. Ragtop 70 GS
    Awesome GS and son! What size tires do you have? Thanks
    1. Michael_G
      Thanks! Those are P235 70R15's.
      Michael_G, Jun 5, 2019
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    2. ChesapeakeChris
      GoodYear Eagle GT, those are $400+ tires (each) today, if you can find them!
      ChesapeakeChris, Jun 19, 2022
    3. Michael_G
      Yes. I foresee the challenge... I need to verify the date codes and decide when I need to replace them as they are no less than 8 years old
      Michael_G, Jun 19, 2022
  2. honest03060
    Beautiful car and hellofa son!!!!
    1. Michael_G
      Thanks! ...and yes, quite humbling. We must have done something right.. ;)
      Michael_G, Jun 6, 2019
  3. Max Damage
    Your kid gave you that car? Wow, you must be doing something right.
    1. Michael_G
      Indeed. Quite humbling. Apparently, when our son was 12 he used to watch me work on my '71 Skylark; seeing the satisfaction and listening to me talk about my dream car. He vowed one day he'd get me that dream car; and he did. I learned this when he surprised me 12 years later. My '71 is still in the family, as once I got Diane I gave her to my uncle for his final life project car (she needed a little TLC).
      Michael_G, Aug 22, 2020
  4. Oldskewl59
    That is about as good as it gets!! Sweet ride!
    1. Michael_G
      Indeed... Thanks!
      Michael_G, Sep 23, 2021