Would appreciate your prayers when it comes to mind, please

Discussion in 'Help From Above' started by STAGE III, Jul 11, 2020.

  1. stump puller455

    stump puller455 1970 GS 455

    thought and prayers Fritz. . hope you can find comfort some how
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    STAGE III Lost Experimental Block

    Of course I would not reject your offering, and I really appreciate your sharing your personal trials as well as some potential relief.
    Extremely kind of you : )
    And as far as your “not being a Christian” you took time out of your day to help. What more can anyone ask for? Sound like a very understanding & kind person to me.
    Plus with my moods jumping all over the place from time to time due to medicated now but still sometimes goes off the track severe depressions, there may be folks who wonder if I really am a Christian,but God always knows the heart no matter how goofy I am ; )
    Okay, I just unwatched all my parts for sales alerts so I can stay focused on having surgeries & getting better.........soooooo it is just between y’all and QUICK DRAW NELSON (good luck! ; ) and thank everyone for the kind thoughts & prayers.
    Speaking of “Goofy” earlier, does this happen to any of y’all too?
    Keep Going Fast With Glass!
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  3. Chuck Bridges

    Chuck Bridges Well-Known Member

    I will add you to my prayer list at night.
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  4. Redmanf1

    Redmanf1 Gold Level Contributor

    sometimes when things seem overwhelming you have to step back to get a clear picture to be able to precede forward. I hope that you can find some sort of comfort to ease your pain.
    My thoughts, prayers and well wishes to you my friend.

    STAGE III Lost Experimental Block

    Thanks Nelson, & thanks for being a good sport about the ribbings, if I can laugh it helps.
    Been all night with level 8.5 plus rotator cuff pain & was panicking that after being around my son the other day who tested positive for Covid (he is okay,no symptoms) but that(Covid) or something has got hold of me and I can only get small puffs of air and somehow that gives sharp pains from my chest wall to my back (sorry if repeating thing s I am drained) then something in my gut area that felt the size of a baseball was hurting so bad I could feel my heartbeat in it.
    I didn’t think I could keep from waking my wife (very sound sleeper) but things were getting so bad I packed up my CPAP & am resting in the recliner. Greatly reduced some of the off the chart pains but still cannot even breath normally without pain so I am going to BEG my Doctor or someone else on the staff to see my today. Really wanted to go in last night but my wife reminded me of the emergency room charges, I still almost said the blazes with that and went but I made it through the night without anymore than heavy (muffled into pillow) whimpering but didn’t shed a tear.
    I just hope the Doctor & I can come up with some least invasive surgeries first we can afford as my wife is very worried I will not be able to help install the spring floor at our daughters dance studio but truthfully I am going to have to pray somehow I can sell some parts & pay the right person instead of continuing to sacrifice what little use I have.
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  6. GKMoz

    GKMoz Gary / Moz

    Praying most assuredly Fritz!....but like Job said! Even though he slay me? yet will I call upon the name of the Lord (paraphrased) No matter what you hear, no matter what you see, no matter what you feel? Put your trust in the Lord .....having done that STAND!...............................
    Book of Job KJV Summary
    Summary. Job is a wealthy man living in a land called Uz with his large family and extensive flocks. ... Satan challenges God that, if given permission to punish the man, Job will turn and curse God. God allows Satan to torment Job to test this bold claim, but he forbids Satan to take Job's life in the process.
    Job 2:9 - 2:10
    Now viewing scripture range from the book of Job chapter 2:9 through chapter 2:10...

    Job Chapter 2

    9 Then said his wife unto him, Dost thou still retain thine integrity? curse God, and die.

    10 But he said unto her, Thou speakest as one of the foolish women speaketh. What? shall we receive good at the hand of God, and shall we not receive evil? In all this did not Job sin with his lips.

    Prayers Brother! :)
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  7. IDOXLR8

    IDOXLR8 Senior Member

    Fritz, My Prayers for you and your recovery.
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  8. TrunkMonkey

    TrunkMonkey Well-Known Member

    Fritz. Get a "ball launcher".

    Drop a ball in, let it launch, Rosie will go nuts to get it and bring it to you.
    She will play that game with you for hours, and you won't have to throw your arm or back out to play with her.

    It will do you both a great deal of good. :
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    STAGE III Lost Experimental Block

    Loved the verse (know it well) and really like that ball launcher.
    Typing from ER waiting area. Drove myself to Urgent Care Center & they took one look at my low oxygen levels,the painful shortness of breath (they were more worried than me coming back in in Bio suits anyhow they recommended I get straight to the ER so drove on over here for whatever they are gonna torture me with lol
    Figure this stuff out and then I have GOT to get help on this trashed rotator cuff (didn’t want to drive on OxyContin & hurt someone) but one thing at a time.
    Thank y’all for continuing to keep my spirits up,I thought I would spill my guts and the thread would be dead after a day.
    Y’all alright no matter what the Hemi guys say!
  10. Thumper (aka greatscat)

    Thumper (aka greatscat) Well-Known Member

    Fritzie my friend, I've provided prayer and taken you into my heart and asked the Great Physician to give you strength and give your doctors the knowledge to guide them through this trying time and provide you cure. Bless you.
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  11. TrunkMonkey

    TrunkMonkey Well-Known Member

    Buick guys will keep pulling, long after the other guys give up...
  12. gszinny

    gszinny Platinum Level Contributor

    More prayers sent
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  13. no1oldsfan

    no1oldsfan Well-Known Member

    Hey Brother keep your faith in the wonderful life that you have lived. I would be willing to bet that 99.9 percent of people could never imagine what you have lived. You are so correct in appreciation for what you have been blessed to know. To live. So sorry to hear your pain. Don't ever question your faith and your unknown questions. Your life is bigger than any post ever. Peace love and prayers. Be happy always. Peace.
  14. tubecatgs

    tubecatgs Finally a 4 speed......

    Praying for you Fritz!
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  15. hwprouty

    hwprouty Platinum Level Contributor

    You got it Fritz!
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  16. charlierogers

    charlierogers GSX stage 1 4 speed #149

    prayers sent.
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    STAGE III Lost Experimental Block

    Got out of the ER & home about 1am last night.
    The x-rays and CT-Angio scans with contrast gave us the confirmation of pneumonia. Will get the Covid test results back tomorrow I believe.
    Obviously my old mercury thermometer wasn’t working because when I said I didn’t have any fevers,both the Urgent Care & ER came up with right under 100f & I knew from my fingernail beds being bluish I was low on oxygen so they walked me around with the machine & the oxygen was low and I felt like death warmed over with every breath which got me ending up at the ER.
    The CT-Angio scan showed the dark spots of pneumonia in some of the most painful areas and the pneumonia sacks (I think he called them that).
    Got 3 prescriptions of “horse pills” and my normal pain meds are working well if I stay ahead of it high level 8 pain if I sleep through the pain meds wearing off.
    So was told to quarantine,take the meds, rest,don’t be doing anything (easy enough order when you can barely breathe lol) & they will let me know about the Covid probably tomorrow so don’t know if that will call for additional directions or meds but I have enough to focus on today.
    Hope y’all are doing well.

    Fritzensniffin; )
  18. Redmanf1

    Redmanf1 Gold Level Contributor

    Fritz, hope you come up Neg on the covd.... Good thing you went to ER when you did...
    No problem on the ribbings,,, Glad to make you smile..:) :) :)
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    STAGE III Lost Experimental Block

    YES!!!! A break! Just got a text from the hospital that my Covid test came back NEGATIVE Woo Hoo!
    Guess I still need to quarantine since body is fighting this pneumonia but so glad I didn’t get the “One/Two punch!”.

    Thanks again for the prayers & well wishes : )

    Fritzibaby! :)
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  20. finitebidder

    finitebidder Well-Known Member

    I have lifted up prayers for you Fritzy !

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