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Discussion in 'The ragtop shop' started by gotbuick, Feb 7, 2002.

  1. Kerry s.

    Kerry s. Is Jesus YOUR Lord?

    Hi Guys,

    Look at my sig below.....it's one of the 126 4-speeds built. Has power steering, power disk brakes, power windows, power top, AM/FM, is a non-air car, buckets, short console, map-light rear-view mirror and it IS Triple Black!

    Now before the purists get on me here:D (because it undergoing the "transformation" and being one of 126) the car was not in the shape it's in now as when I purchased it. I know the daughter of the original 1st owner and she said her dad blew the original engine less than 6 months after the car was new. I've also talked with several different people who knew this guy and he was hell on the car they said (he had a drinking problem). I'm sure many of you still remember the days BEFORE D.U.I. laws?? Anyway, one of the local body shop owners I know said that he literally had to tell the guy the next time he wrecked it when he was drunk that he was not going to fix it anymore and that it was much too rare of a car to be treated like he treated it. The fenders and bumpers had been changed so many times over it's life he lost count. Luckily he never had a serious wreck with the car, just would run into things when he was parking or pulling out of a bar lot.

    The car had a 3.31 posi 12-bolt and a non V.I.N. matching M-21 in it with the wrong clutch fork and puhrod (standard GM cup type like the 350 ones). The guy I purchased it from even had the valve covers on the wrong sides so the breather element in the ram-air cleaner wouldn't match up. TALK ABOUT THE USAGE OF RTV IN EVERY KNOWN CREVIS OF AN ENGINE!?!?!? Knowing that I could never make this a concourse numbers matching car I built it the way I wanted it. Nothing gawdy though.....I'm working to make this transformation as "stock (from a parked outward appearance) looking" as possible.

    I'll try and post some pic's soon of what's going on...............:)
  2. TWO72"s

    TWO72"s Silver Level contributor

    :beer :beer :beer I have a 1972 GS-350 CONV. Black,new paint,new top,chrome,gs badges,tires and 15 buick rallye rims, 2 1/2 " flowmaster exhaust. Still havent got around to re-doing the interior. 80,000 miles. Just a real fun summer cruiser, great on the highway. When I have the need for real power I fire up its big brother 1972 GS462 Black/Gold gsx stripes and go for a blast. One to cruise and one to race, ahhhhhhhhh what a life(LOL)This message is being sent from THE HOME OF THE WORLD CHAMPION NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS. OH YEAHHHHHHHH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. John W

    John W Member

    FWIW, I have a '72 GS 455 Convert, 1 of 126 made. The only options are ps, pb, pw, am radio, bench seat, auto, 3:08 posi and of course the 455/4. Unfortunately, don't have the original trans,but the original engine is on a stand. Presently running a 70 slightly warmed over 455. The car is getting a slow resto with everything (and I mean everything) either being repainted, reconditioned or replaced. The car is presently red in color with white top and not sure if I want to repaint the original color tan metallic. I have had the car for 12 years and was always partial to BUICKS. I drive it when I can and I'm asked as to why my plates say "RARE GS" and I reply " how many of these cars have you seen that can do this" and I stomp on it. Love to see the look on their faces.
  4. Brad Conley

    Brad Conley Guest


    I'll get some pics of it soon. If you don't want to wait and you have the book Muscle Car History Buick Muscle Cars by Bill Holder & Phillip Kunz, my Centurion is the dark green convert with OH plates LLA455, nice double page pic of it in there. It's still wearing it origional top and 90% of its origional paint! It's a real fun "attitude adjustment" car when stresses of job and family start getting to me. BTW, that's our black GSX on the cover of the same book...

    added in edit: Sorry, can't help you with the cable. Never been "into" the top yet...
  5. mjs-13

    mjs-13 1970 Stage 1 Convertible

    1970 Stage 1 Convertible. Steering,Brakes, Air Conditioning, Tilt, Buckets, Console, Rally suspension, Rally Steering Wheel, Shoulder harness belts, AM-FM, Power top, Gauges, 75 Red with white interior, sold new in Memphis Tn. In Memphis until my purchase. Always a Tennessee Car. #'match engine, Transmission and Correct rearend. Goes like Hell, much faster than my 70 SS 454 Chevelle Convertible!
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  6. n2buick

    n2buick Well-Known Member

    I've got a '70 GS 455 4 speed , non-air car. Someone painted it a ford red several years ago. Hope to go back to the original Sherwood green at some point. Plan on installing the Stage 1 heads from one of our old cars down the road as well.
  7. Captain Mark

    Captain Mark Well-Known Member

    I have a 1970 GS Convertible clone. Maroon in color. The second owner, and guy I bought it from, bought it off a Buick lot in Amarillo Texas. All the GS stuff was put on the car before he bought it in 1987. He didn't know much about Buicks, he just wanted a ragtop. He always thought this car was an original GS.

    I bought the car in 2001. The car was originally a silver Skylark Custom Convertible. (rare color?) It had a 350-4 that is currently being replaced with a sweet, completely rebuilt, 10-1 compression 455 with a beautiful set of chrome headers. It also has PS PB AC.
    Black interior is in good shape. Ragtop needs replacing. Car will be repainted. Needs posi and disc brakes.........................I need more money..................
  8. TimR

    TimR Nutcase at large

    I am restoring a 72 GS 350 droptop. Its pretty rough right now. Its flame orange, #'s matching, non a/c, PW, PDB, tilt, gauges, front seat shoulder belts(!!), chrome wheels, etc.

    Its one of 68 1972 GS convertibles that came to Canada.

    It is by far the biggest project I have ever taken on, finding sheetmetal is a nightmare but have everything else (basically). Should go in for bodywork pretty soon, still trying to find a rust free pass door and LH rear quarter (might have to go repro on that but really don't want to)...

    I sure hope driving a GS convertible is worth all the time, hassles, and money!!!!! You can check out the progress on my website.

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  9. gotbuick

    gotbuick What, me worry?

    I think you will enjoy your GS Convert. just fine. I like the flame orange and shoulder belts. If you were closer I would love to see it and help out with the parts you need. :D

    Drop tops are the #1 fun in the sun!!
  10. Driver2

    Driver2 Guest

    Thanks to a "Chevy guy", I acquired my '70 Skylark Custom Convertible (originally Texas car), for Free! He hated the car, because it was "taking up his '69 Camaro's work space", so he signed the title, put a battery in the car, poured some gas down the carb's throat, and turned the key. First time, started right up (even after sitting outside for a year). Since I've had it, I've driven it daily, and then I sent it to a friend, who had it painted (Dodge Viper GTS BLUE Metallic), after installing the GS Hood and GSX Rear Spoiler. White Top, Black interior. It now has a Rebuilt GS350 engine and TH350 with Street/Strip shift kit!



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  11. Daves69

    Daves69 Too many cars too work on

    1969 GS 400 Convertible :bglasses: won 1st place at 2000 Nats.
  12. basherbob

    basherbob Active Member

    Add me in

    Traded my 68 GTO (400/4 speed) back in '75 for my '71 GS convertable. Did a frame off in my garage back in '86-'87 and converted from a 350 to 455 (orig'l eng/trans on cradle), nothing fancy just a low 13 second cruiser. Added a 2004R OD in '95 (gained 2 tenths). This car loves to cruise at 80-85 and gets 18 mph while doing it. It's metallic silver w/ black top and interior.

    We actually have 4 ragtops (or 5) in the Gateway Chapter (St. Louis).

    Been married 18 years and noone but me drives it. My wife still won't drive it. Says she's afraid if she wrecks it I'll divorce her, smart woman ! :beer
  13. r72gs

    r72gs Another project........

    Got my GS ragtop in '83. I had a 71 Olds that was got wrecked. The quilty party I had loaned the Olds to gave up the GS as part payment for the Olds.
    It looked like this:

    <img src=http://members.aol.com/r72gs/b1983.JPG>

    It looked bad but it only needed a fender, door and a coat of paint.

    <img src=http://members.aol.com/r72gs/b1987.JPG>

    I've been sold on Buicks and ragtops ever since. The car is currently undergoing a Body off frame resto, can't wait to get back on the road! All the time, money and work is WORTH IT!
  14. 65specialconver

    65specialconver kennedy-bell MIA

    i have one

    mine is 65 special,gold with fawn interior,stock it had white top.i opted for black the second time i replaced it.bought it from original owner who was a bellevue WA cop,in 1975(i was 15)i have over 100,000 miles i have put on this car myself.am on my 3rd motor,same turbo 300,with new seals,hardly a show vehicle but i can work on it damn near blind,know how it is running by listening to it idle,& it gets close to 20 mi per gallon consistantly.i live 43mi north of spokane,6mi from preist river ID,&80mi from Canadia,at an elevation of 2280ft,with population of 2000,with one stoplite(installed 2 yrs ago)with 6 taverns:beer
  15. 69GS400s

    69GS400s ...my own amusement ride!

    Too FUnny to pass up.....On my way home one time with my wife in the fast GS with the top down.....and i've got a splitting headache. She wants to stop at the grocery store for a second. In the parking lot, I hop over to the passenger seat as i just cant keep my eyes open any longer.

    She comes out.....and gets in the drivers seat saying..."You SURE you want me to drive ?" i say Yeah.....i cant .....

    She pulls out onto the road and gets stuck behind a truck making a delivery double parked in the right lane....stopping with enough room to go around once traffic is clear in the left lane. My Eyes are closed and Im oblivious to whats happening......

    .......What happens next was like an amusement ride.

    I Hear the engine Rev, the Tires Squeeeeel and my head tells me We've just Spun around !!!

    Yep - She had the wheel turned to the left and punched it to beat the oncoming traffic and pulled a 270 right on mainstreet Lighting up the tires.

    First and last time shes been in the drivers seat :eek:
  16. 71ConvtSkylark

    71ConvtSkylark Well-Known Member

    Hey, I just purchsed my 71 Skylark Custom(Sky Blue/Black). 100% origional and unmolested it also included ALL the orig docs including the Buick Protecto Plate and Punch Card Build sheet(old IBM Punch Card). It needs the general cosmetic stuff, and on its way to becoming an absolute wicked ride! Gotta find me a 455, although the 350/2 is easy on the wallet. I didn't buy this car for gas mileage though...... This car has air/ps and thats it. This car has its origional floors trunk etc with no rust. Amazing, but true. I drove from FL to NC to get it. I have been in love with these cars for years, and after attending(and taking 2nd in B5) at the 2000 GS Nationals in Beach Bend in my buick 350 powered Chevy Monza I saw the associating of Buick owners and knew it was the ride for me. -Jon
  17. Marco

    Marco Well-Known Member

    Congratulations on your purchase!

    Jon -

    Can you please post the Buick selling dealership info? Please see THIS LINK for additional information.

  18. 71ConvtSkylark

    71ConvtSkylark Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I will have to scan it in etc.... but it is in perfect condition. It was just sitting in the glove box. Someone really loved this car! It had the origional Buick 350 under the hood, never dissasembled till me, and the only reason I took it apart was because the guy I bought it from said it had a spun bearing. Turns out the flex plate just came apart and probably made a hell of a racket. You should have seen it, crank perfect, cylinders only .002 out of round, and the nylon timing chain was still perfect. I feel so lucky to have found this car. I will get hte docs over the weekend and post them. -Jon

    BUQUICK I'm your huckleberry.

    I love my GS conv.

    '67 GS 400 conv, PS, originally had Power Disc brakes (previous owner swapped to drums in 1981!!!! too cheap to fix leaky calipers), body colored rally wheels, P-Windows, P-bench seat, AM radio, 2.93 posi (now 3.55), auto on column, Blue Mist with white interior and black top (originally white top).

    Car is mechanically fine, it's stock appearing, runs low 12's all day, but really needs a FULL restoration, I drove it everyday in high school and college and it shows! It's sorta rough now but it adds to the sleeper look I guess....
  20. Bridgford

    Bridgford OK, no progress in 11 yr

    I have a 1968 Skylark Custom Convertible. I plan on performing a body off frame restoration beginning this summer. Right now, it is just a big pull toy since the previous owner blew the transmission.

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