Need screw knowledge headlight bezels

Discussion in 'The Bench' started by Jeremy Zepnick, Nov 23, 2022 at 8:47 PM.

  1. Jeremy Zepnick

    Jeremy Zepnick STEELMAN

    Hi, I painted my headlight bezels and when I took them off there are 4 different type of screws. I'm thinking they should all be the same?

    Can someone let me know the correct screws? Thanks. 69 GS 400
  2. Jeremy Zepnick

    Jeremy Zepnick STEELMAN

  3. BuickV8Mike

    BuickV8Mike SD Buick Fan

    The rusty ones look right to me. I think they are all the same length. Nice paint job!
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  4. CJay

    CJay Supercar owner Staff Member

    They're a reduced head Phillips. About an inch and a quarter long
  5. 446379H

    446379H Well-Known Member

    Originals have a partial smooth shaft , not all threads .
  6. TrunkMonkey

    TrunkMonkey Well-Known Member

    Not to be contentious, but oftentimes in "production" work the supply of various components used in assembly (and fasteners being a big percent of such "supply") the parts may come from more than one source and "suitable substitutions" may not be exactly as specified in documentation.

    That's a lot of words to say, "get something that will work so we can keep this production line moving!"
    We have a great deal of proof/evidence of such things in the cars over the years.

    I have a 1969 Skylark (Canadian build) and all the bezel screws are similar to Jeremy's pics. All of mine are threaded 100% of the shank. None are threaded/non-threaded shank.

    That does not prove they are correct or incorrect. And I cannot be certain mine are the original screws.

    But if the headlight doors do not fall off in the street while two lengths in front of the guy in a MOPAR, who's gonna nit pick about some smooth shank vs threads all the way up?

    Not me! :D
  7. Steve Reynolds

    Steve Reynolds SRE Inc

    Jeremy, could you move that bezel a little to the right? I can't quite make out the sticker on your toolbox!! LOL!

    Looks good. I'll be doing that to mine soon, along with a thousand other details!!

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  8. LARRY70GS

    LARRY70GS a.k.a. "THE WIZARD" Staff Member

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  9. GS Kubisch

    GS Kubisch THE "CUT-UP" BUICK

    Uuuhh....Steve, what do you have there?
  10. FLGS400

    FLGS400 Gold Level Contributor

    It will...

    I bought those items from Stage Won (Todd) a while back and they're great! My car had all different screws and half of the adjuster and bezel nuts were either broken or missing. I think it was also missing one of the springs. Someone had used a piece of coat hanger in it's place.
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  11. Jim Weise

    Jim Weise EFI/DIS 482

    Here's the correct screws.. shown in the pictures for the 70 up cars, will fit in all 68-72 cars. If you think black looks better, then just give the heads a shot of flat black paint.

    He does not list just the screws separately that I can see, but if you call Todd up I am sure he can set you up with a full set. They are a #8 sheetmetal screw, with a #6 head, chrome plated usually, although I have seen black ones pre-70.. I have never seen any sheetmetal screw in an automotive application that is not fully threaded. The partially threaded/smooth shank deal is wood screws usually, and I have seen more than a few wood screws used to hold Buick headlight bezels in place over the years. Probably the number one screw type to get lost over the years, as owners/service folks had to take the bezel off to replace a headlight.. and they are a very specific screw, not typically found in a hardware store.

    Been doing a engine/trans install and related system assembly/fab in the shop here on a 72 Skylark, with a little bit of resto type work, just to give it an OEM flavor... and Todd has been an excellent resource for parts.. sure wish he was around back when I was restoring these things, life would have been much simpler

  12. Steve Reynolds

    Steve Reynolds SRE Inc

    Gary....... Happy Birthday BTW!!
    I traded my Camaro for this 69 GS400. It's a 455 with some decent stuff in it. The guy I traded was racing it some, but didn't want to keep modifying it to the point of no return. I'll be changing a bunch of stuff on it along with all new suspension parts, exhaust, etc., etc. It has a driver paint job but presents very well. It's from AZ and it's about as solid as they come...... very clean car to start with. If my 64 isn't ready for spring/BG, I'll bring this one and race in BSA.

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  13. FLGS400

    FLGS400 Gold Level Contributor

    Awesome, congratulations! It looks to be in very nice shape.
  14. Jim Weise

    Jim Weise EFI/DIS 482

    Wow, nice '69 Steve... love the screaming "tweety" yellow with the black hat, that front spoiler not so much... :eek:

  15. Steve Reynolds

    Steve Reynolds SRE Inc

    The absolute first thing I did after I put it up on the lift was to remove the chin spoiler..... LOL!!!
    Anyone need a front GSX spoiler?

    The picture shows the spoiler on the counter.


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  16. 446379H

    446379H Well-Known Member

    The originals aren't " wood screws" they are the chrome plated screws ( or black for the bottom blacked out areas) The reason for the factory partial smooth shank is to clearance the bezel, you don't put threads into the smooth gussets, that's why they don't fit properly. You can keep putting the wrong repo generic screws in your cars if you want, or take the time to source originals ( correct originals aren't reproduced). We purchased a '69 brand new, btw, a LOT of 54 year old cars have exchanged/incorrect fasteners , due to collisions and even replacing the headlights, when you drop one and the originals aren't available.
  17. rkammer

    rkammer Gold Level Contributor

    I'm interested in the chin spoiler. Will PM after Turkey day dinner.:)
  18. Jim Weise

    Jim Weise EFI/DIS 482

    Huh.. OK.. if your so sure of this, let's see a picture of one of your headlight bezel screws with a smooth shank on it.

    Then we can ask someone with a car just like yours, to confirm if they have that same screw in it.

    simple enough, and there is always more to learn...

    We will be waiting on that picture...

  19. john.schaefer77

    john.schaefer77 Well-Known Member

    My buddy has 2 survivor '68's. I'll see if he'll let me check the screws. He'll think it a strange request!
  20. Jim Weise

    Jim Weise EFI/DIS 482

    That would be great John.. grab the plant code off the trim tag too.. if in fact they did use a smooth shank screw at the factory, it would be interesting to know which one. It is true that that different factories often used different fasteners, even before the whole GMAD thing. Usually that was just head markings.. but who knows, we have a member who beleives he has smooth shanked screws holding his bezels on from the factory. So we must entertain the possibility.

    Could be a pre-70 thing, because I think we all agree that 70 and later used the full thread sheetmetal screw. A #8 with a #6 head. Chrome, in all applications, including the GSX's with the painted headlight bezels.

    Any other 68/9 guys out there, who are the OE owner, or have a untouched survivor with low mileage? or both..

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  21. CJay

    CJay Supercar owner Staff Member

    Here are a couple of pics for reference. Full disclosure- I'm not a 68-69 guy and I don't have a 69 bezel on hand (I know right?). With that being said, I wouldn't imagine the 69 screw would be any different than the 70-72 screw being as they both use the same black plastic stand off.

    70-72 screw. And that is 100% original, no shank.


    Now I do recall a similar screw with a smooth shank so I searched my trim screw box and found said screw. I'm embarrassed to say that I don't recall the original application for it and I pride myself on knowing the identification of every nut bolt screw and fastener on these cars. Here's the comparison between the two-


    As you can see it's another 1/4" longer. So unless the 69 bezel is another 1/4" longer than a 70-72 bezel, I don't see that working. Just my .02 which is worthless
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