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Discussion in 'Chassis restoration' started by 72 goat herder, Sep 19, 2022.

  1. 72 goat herder

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    Sorry if this has been previously posted, but I did not find anything in a search.

    I am restoring a 1972 Trans Am, in addition to my 1972 GS Stage 1 car and just found an excellent company for "correct" reproductions of our VIN Decals, wiper motor labels, Tire Pressure Decals, etc. They also do Glass Etching with your date codes and the correct Logo. Their reproductions are far more accurate than other decals that are available from the bigger suppliers. If they don't have your specific decal available, they can/will make it if they can obtain an original.
    The Company is ECS Automotive Concepts Website:
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  2. Dano

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    I saw them on eBay recently and went to their website. Looks like nice stuff. Pricey for the VIN sticker but for someone looking for perfection probably worth it to have it arrive and be done w/the correct font, etc. I was going to see if they'd do a discount on 3 of them or if they'd do a group purchase price and & post on here.
  3. 72 goat herder

    72 goat herder Well-Known Member

    Dano, I agree, The VIN pricing is a bit high ($75.00), but, as you say, if you are doing a correct restoration, than perfection has it's price. Thety are licensed by GM and they use the correct font (unlike the do-it-yourself kits).

    I like your idea about a group buy - although my GS restoration is still a long way for the final (making it look pretty phase)
  4. john.schaefer77

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    I got the VIN and the Wiper decal. Both perfect. I called the guy and he made my decal just like the original.
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    BUQUICK I'm your huckleberry.

    If you have car built after 1/1/72 then ECS will need the page from the assembly manual that shows the weighs for each body style, with or without A/C. If you have a car built before 1/1/72 this isn't an issue. The ECS website shows that the '72 do not have the weights but that is not correct. Cars built after 1/1/72 have the weight as seen on these originals.

    upload_2022-9-19_12-24-36.png upload_2022-9-19_12-38-29.png

    I was dissatisfied with the reproductions (some are the wrong colors, usually the blue is too dark, other decals offered are not a two piece product (blue paper and a clear overlay) like the originals) so I just make my own.


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  6. alvareracing

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    got mine today, they did a good job reproducing my wiper motor decal
    Fernando tempImage7bJnk7.png

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