68 mostly, and 69 parts

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  1. cole

    cole Platinum Level Contributor

    350 valve covers $15
    3 PCV hoses #1383965 and 2-1383358 $8 each
    4 sets of rr bumper corner rubbers $10 per set
    2 sets of front bumper rubbers (I have the one end pc missing from the picture) $15 per set
    2 sets inner wheelhouse mud deflectors $12 per set with bolts
    2 pretty clean ash trays $20 each (I can get the carriage for each as well $10)
    4 radio bezels $7 each
    license plate bracket $15
    1 antenna cable primary and secondary lead $8
    antenna base trim plate gasket and lock nut #2,3,5 and 6 (#5 has a crack covered by the lock nut) $10 each #1 is pitted $2
    69 AM radio with fader in good working order, includes nice bezel and knobs, front and rear speakers' antenna primary and secondary lead, and rear speaker wiring $70
    rad cushions 2 sets of 4 #1383960 $20 each set
    wind lace 1 pair LH, RH black (dyed from blue) $18, single white 68 style $7 2 RH 69 style $7 each
    68-72 2 door sedan or pillar post style door weather strip pair from Metro Rubber $45
    "eyebrow" fender trims all pcs are dented but can be "tinked" back into shape 4 RH, 1 LH $5 each
    top of the rear lip of the fender gaskets and chrome $15 (I have the other chrome piece to go with the lot)
    front hood corner trim pair $10
    68 rr quarter panel side marker pieces (enough to make a decent pair0 $25 for all
    69 rr quarter panel side markers 4 plain and 2 CUSTOM $8 each (1 CUSTOM not that great $5)
    1 pair front fender braces $40 good shape no stuck bolts
    3 pairs of grill cups 1 of the LH and all three RH cups have cracks but will glue up nice $15 per set
    window cranks $5 each, door pulls $2 each
    seat belt set 68 style. includes the shoulder harness sets. The retractors will need to be dyed and all need a good cleaning $85

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  2. Todd Borland

    Todd Borland Buicktodd

    Inline for

    2 sets inner wheelhouse mud deflectors $12 per set with bolts
    1 pair front fender braces $40 good shape no stuck bolts
  3. cole

    cole Platinum Level Contributor

    started a conversation with you Todd
  4. GSX 554

    GSX 554 Gold Level Contributor

    In line for the 3 PCV hoses
  5. kiwidave

    kiwidave Well-Known Member

    Do the rear bumper rubbers fit Wildcat? Looking for a pair of these (pictured) that sit on top of the bumper right under the tail lights, at each rear corner


    If this is what you have, I will take a pair! Thanks.

    Shipping would be to Rosebud, Victoria 3939 in Australia, but if that is a pain for any reason (the pain for me is always the shipping cost!!), I can have them shipped to my buddy in California 94117 and would be happy with that.
  6. cole

    cole Platinum Level Contributor

  7. kiwidave

    kiwidave Well-Known Member

    thank you, please do!
  8. 67postGS

    67postGS Got Torque????

    Inline for the 68-72 2 door sedan or pillar post door weather strip pair. Ron
  9. 1968_GS400

    1968_GS400 Founders Club Member

    I think all the ones in Cole’s photos are 68/69 A-body.

    I believe the rear bumper fillers for the 1968 Wildcat are the same as the LeSabre but different than 68 or 69 Riviera or Electra. From 68 parts book.


    I think you are looking for 1383870 (RH) and 1383871 (LH)

    Also, the 68 Wildcat rear bumper fillers appear different than 69 Wildcat. The 68s rears don’t appear to be remade.

    There is a RH one for sale on eBay. I believe their listing has the LH mislabeled in title and it’s the RH one based on part number.


    I can’t find a LH one for sale at all.

    They seem pretty rare so would consider picking that one up if you don’t think the price is too outrageous.
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  10. 67postGS

    67postGS Got Torque????

    In line for the 2 door post car weather strip pair. P.M. sent to you need shipping cost to Collins N.Y. 14034 also your address. Thanks Ron
  11. 1968_GS400

    1968_GS400 Founders Club Member

    Found a LH after all.

    LH one (1383871) - $39.99 + $12.95 shipping in US


    And then here was RH one I mentioned before (1383870) - $24.99 + $5.85 shipping in US


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