2021 Pure Stock Drags in Stanton, MI

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    So now that my ID is unlocked I can finally post again! I left the 65 at home and ran my 71 GS this year. I dropped the engine in the car about 3 weeks before the event and it had only been to the track twice prior, so I'm still sorting it out.

    The engine is a 70 block with an honest 10:1 and the full set of oiling mods. Car weighs 4000 with me and a full tank, has 3.73 gears and straight up Cooper Cobra street radials. I let the car shift itself at +/- 5300. This engine dyno'd at 414 hp, so if it's a ringer, it aint much of a ringer.

    I won my shootout against a very sharp 72 Trans Am 455 HO. we both qualified at 12.92's but the best I could run in the shootout was a 13.1 at maybe 103. My best time of the weekend was a 12.89@104, with a 1.90 60 ft, but in better air the car has run 12.75@106.

    I cant say enough about the event and my fellow racers, there isn't anybody who wouldn't give you anything they had on their trailer, even if it means you'd beat them. You wont find a better group of sportsmen, and a more appreciative crowd of spectators at any race. Make the time to come next year, you wont be disappointed.

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