1966 Riviera Gran Sport 39,000 actual miles ......nice rust free Alamaba car

Discussion in 'Cars and Parts For Sale Leads' started by Topcat, Apr 11, 2021.

  1. 6769RIV

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    No, actually the OP but hey, if it's your cup of tea, could see putting it and the Sedanette in his & hers shipping containers for the long sail back to Aarhus...:D:cool:
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    ;) I'm beginning to be a little trigger happy, but I can handle it for now.. Seems like when you have a car, there's so many nice cars for sale you want, but when you're ready to buy, there's none..
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    Soren --

    Where you at in DK? I run the Fort Lauderdale office of Knud E Hansen A/S, based in Helsingor.

    Just curious.
  4. rkammer

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    Would make a great cruiser or tow vehicle. Can you get 400 HP out of a 425 nailhead motor?
  5. Topcat

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    I like it a lot but i will pass on it. If anyone gets really interested i can grab better pictures. The car was locked up so i could not get better shots of the interior. Dash was perfect of what i could see.......wood on console looked a little aged, Chrome on the wheels was beautiful and rust free....had the wrong caps on them.

    Peace WildBill
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