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  1. skylarkpaul
    I verified I have a matching block. Heads , intake, carb, exhaust manifold s all gone. I have all these parts.
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  2. accelr8
  3. Michael_G
    Cool... What's under the hood? -MIG
  4. Michael_G
    Sweet sweet ride... I have a soft spot for convertibles. -MIG
  5. Michael_G
    Cool project car. What is your plan? -MIG
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  6. Michael_G
    BEAUTIFUL!! You sure know how to show her off in style... :D Have you had her long? -MIG
  7. FLGS400
    If you post a picture of the body tag (on the cowl, driver side) in the regular forums, some one here should be able to decode the colors for you.
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  8. RoseBud68
    Wow that a great looking Riv...
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  9. just one more
    Hi Does anyone Know did the Blue 4 speed Wildcat Sell ? do not see post anymore says error
  10. Michael_G
    What a Beauty! What's her history? Had her long? -MIG
  11. accelr8
  12. FLGS400