You want shiney Nailhead Pulleys?

Discussion in ''Da Nailhead' started by ahhh65riv, Dec 9, 2009.

  1. CameoInvicta

    CameoInvicta Well-Known Member

    Erik, what did you end up going with for the overall sizes of each pulley?
  2. ahhh65riv

    ahhh65riv Well-Known Member

    W/P pulley is factory size. Crank Pulley is underdriven by 1/2". :TU: Ya got yer wish!

    I might add that the mounting surface of the aluminum is slightly thicker by about 1/4 of an inch, so for the W/P pulley this causes the clutch/fan mount to sitck out 1/4 inch further- and closer to the radiator. For most applications this should not be an issue. I am trying to source longer mounting studs that I will include with the W/P pulleys, and allen head capscrews for the crank pulleys.

  3. CameoInvicta

    CameoInvicta Well-Known Member

    Is it underdriven per the factory A/C size (6.5") or the factory non A/C size (6")?
  4. ahhh65riv

    ahhh65riv Well-Known Member


    A typical OEM crank pulley would be 6.5 but these are 6" diameter, which coincidently is the same size as a "non-A/C" pulley (it just has a third groove). Therfore it can be used for either purpose.

  5. ahhh65riv

    ahhh65riv Well-Known Member

    I've got some good news. After my final machining cost are in, I am getting a better break for the volume than I had originally estimated. This of course has brought my costs way down. So the recalculated price is $220.01 for the crank and $182.50 for the water pump ($402.51) for the pair. As for shipping, two pulleys (1 set) fit in in a medium flat rate Priority Mail USPS box for $10.95.

    This is the last call for the "introductory" price of $375 to those that have spoken for them first. I will now be releasing them over to be marketed and sold by Russ Martin.

  6. nekkidhillbilly

    nekkidhillbilly post whore

    i no have the cash at this point

    owe 8 months on truck before can dump money into car
  7. ahhh65riv

    ahhh65riv Well-Known Member

  8. ahhh65riv

    ahhh65riv Well-Known Member


    Holiday special! Get your Nailhead pulleys in time for Christmas if ordered is placed (paypal only) by 12:00 PM pacific 12/21 with FREE PRIORITY SHIPPING!

    $220 Crank
    $180 Water Pump
    $399.95 for the set

    Please include name, address and email when ordering! I will send you a Paypal invoice.
    Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas!
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  9. 50inchDLP

    50inchDLP Well-Known Member

    I notice in the ad it says 62-66. will these work on a 401 in a 61 electra without AC? boy these would look sharp!
  10. ahhh65riv

    ahhh65riv Well-Known Member

    They will bolt on all nailheads but I believe your groove offset spacing and set-up will be different, however you might be able to make them work. These are 3 groove. Take a look at the other examples in the photos I have posted earlier. I am not 100% sure for your application.

  11. GSBuick65

    GSBuick65 Well-Known Member

    post some pics!!!!!:TU:
  12. gs66

    gs66 Well-Known Member

    Looks like they turned our great! Nice job!
  13. 57riv

    57riv Member

    How are they going to wear being aluminum? Would they need to be hard anodised?
  14. ahhh65riv

    ahhh65riv Well-Known Member

    It is true, they will wear just like any other aluminum pulley. I'll bet most nailheads aren't driven more that 500 miles a year anyway.

    ...and yes... they can be hard annodized. I have left them raw for the explicit purpose that anyone can polish them, clear coat, paint or powder coat, or as you pointed out- annodizing in any color or hard anodize of their choice.

    Good question!


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