Would 2 holley 600 cfm double pumpers be too much for a 450 CI stroked nail?

Discussion in ''Da Nailhead' started by 401Riviera, May 31, 2013.

  1. 401Riviera

    401Riviera Well-Known Member

    What makes you say that? They're just the normal Sanderson Shorties. Plus i love the look, had them ceramic coated, they'll look sweet with the rest of the motor. I had plans on keeping the manifolds, sanding them down and having them coated, still might.
  2. doc

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    OK,,, I will ''splain'',,,,,:grin: Tube headers, notice that I said ''tube headers''.... are known to rust out, rub, bend, get dings, rattle, drag on stuff like railroad tracks, be noisy, fatigue crack,,,,ect..... but, I have not had any experience with the cast sandersons,,, I would think that they would be like stock cast manifolds,,,, rigid, quiet, and not do all those things that I listed....:Brow:
  3. CameoInvicta

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    The Sandersons were worth about 5-10hp on Erik's 425. No reason not to use them. He already had them coated so they won't rust out, the fitment is pretty good from what I recall, and they are shorties so there's no ground clearance issues.
  4. John Codman

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    The good ole THM-400 is a great transmission choice for strength, but not necessarily the best for performance. The 400 absorbs more horsepower then a 700R4. With today's technology, a 700R4 can be built to handle all the horsepower that you will ever get out of a streetable Nailhead.
  5. 401Riviera

    401Riviera Well-Known Member

    W/e performance they're worth i'll take. Plus they look awesome. Russ Martin told me i'll have no problems with them in the car once they've been coated.

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    I might do a 700R4 with the 425 build. the $800 adapter kit wasn't in my budget for right now. I bought a 66 st400 for 150 and having fully built for just under 500. But does anyone know if a 700R4 will be direct fit in a 63 Riv? I've heard stories about floor pans having to be cut.
  6. 66larkgs

    66larkgs paul 66gs turbo nailhead

    I was in the same spot as you a while back. A young kid that wanted to make the best nailhead as possiable. Plan, Plan and more Plan. Listen to the guys on the board and make sure you have a exsperianced machinest. Do you Plan on driving this all the time or always wrenching on it when it is done? hydraulic roller cam is the way to go if you don't plan on having the valve covers off ever oil change to check the solid rollers. the sound of a solid roller is def cool but to me isn't worth it to me . How big of a cam you plan on running?? 500-600-700 lift.. all things to consider when making power. ross /je custom pistons are $800 and up. You will spend $400-500 just in ARP bolts and hardware. upgraded fuel pump/ lines $350 and up. Money you will spend on ignition system..different carb.. just making sure you know it isn't like building a ls1.You will be 10grand plus in a motor and accessories.. that's not a rearend or trans or driveshafts and motor mounts. their is a lot more than just building Hp. I Think it is great you are 19 and building this ride. I started at 15 and I am 30 now and really have only been working hard on it the last 3 or 4 years. I turbocharged my Nailhead and glad I did it. But I have learned mistakes cost money, and money isn't something I can waste.. Good luck and I hope you build a bad ass Nailhead.. just be prepared to pay.
  7. doc

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    I would say that a nailhead with a good cam, a turbo, big single carb, good flowing exhaust system,,, switch pitch th 400 trans. and a posi diff geared to peak out at 5500 across the finish line.... probably would surprise many, many people at the strip... specially if the car was built around the total pkg... with wt. reduction, suspension mods... cold air intake ect.... if one went whole hog,, with light wt. upholstry, no window lifts, no sound deadner.. lexan windows held by snap straps.. no heater,, and such....
    I would say that it would put such a surprise hole shot on the competition , that it would take further than a quarter to catch up with it, if they did at all...... surprise, surprise,,,, ''everybody knows a Buick wont run''....:rolleyes::rolleyes:

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