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Discussion in 'The Choo-Choo shop' started by stage1gsx, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. stage1gsx

    stage1gsx Well-Known Member

    Do any of you guy's store your car in the enclosed trailer for the winter in a cold climate. What about the strain on torsion axles?

  2. monkeyy337

    monkeyy337 monkeyy337

    I'm sure it doesn't get as cold here as were you live but I've been storing one of my Regals in an enclosed trailer for the past 8 years winter and summer. I've never had any axle problems that I'm aware of and just hook up to the trailer and off to the drag strip when it opens. I only have a small garage which will only hold one car so the purchase of an enclosed trailer was the best money I ever spent. Besides, if I ever decide to sell the house I can't take a garage with me but I can take my portable garage (enclosed trailer) with me.
  3. 73-462GS

    73-462GS GS Mike

    I have an enclosed trailer (white in color) that I planned on using as a winter garage for the drag car that I have, but, after seeing the temp. swings inside that trailer I am going to use it to store the lawn mowers and other yard maintenance stuff and make room for the car in the garage. I'll give the mowers a shot of Stabil, take the batteries out and call it good. I just can't put the car in that environment. Just me. Mike D.
  4. stage1gsx

    stage1gsx Well-Known Member

    Thanks guys, my trailer is a black 26 foot. Still unsure if it's a good idea
  5. 73-462GS

    73-462GS GS Mike

    Th only way I would do it is if I could keep it out of the sun so the temps. inside didn't go up and down on a daily basis. Pretty tough to do that though. Maybe if you could park it on the north side of the house in the shade. Just a thought. Mike D.
  6. 64 Hardtop

    64 Hardtop Founders Club Member

    Its the same as an unheated garage, make sure to keep vented. I've stored two for several years. I will again this year.
  7. Briz

    Briz Platinum Level Contributor

    My sister keeps her show Mustang in a trailer and has for 6 years with no problem.
  8. tom Hearsey

    tom Hearsey Well-Known Member

    Yes I would watch the humidity for sure. I have kept one of mine in the trailer but there is very litlle humidity in the winter here. Maybe an option would be to buy some car skates and stick it in the corner of your garage. As long as you can get Ceciles car in there you should be Ok. You will be out in the weather though. Guess you need the boat indoors too. Well my friend you need a bigger garage.:laugh:
  9. Rodster

    Rodster Well-Known Member

    You can store your stuff year-round here if you want!!!Love to have that gorgeous GSX or boat in the yard.Seriously, you should have no problem with trailer storage of the car or boat with proper ventilation.You also wouldn't have the humidity fluctuations of a location closer to the ocean (such as I would).I keep the GS in a basically unheated garage with no ill effects.The ragtop is going into heated rental quarters below a large apartment building.The more valuable one stays in the big chill.Makes sense-right?

    DEADMANSCURVE my first word : truck

    hmmm - couple good ideas there . enclosed car trailer instead of building another garage , she might go for that . yeah - vented , maybe with a small slow runnin fan to move the air around may help . if you're worried about springs maybe get it set and jack-n-block it up just a hair to take a little weight of them . del
  11. stage1gsx

    stage1gsx Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the reply's, found storage for my boat and decided to keep the GSX in the heated garage. Time to think about an addition to my garage

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