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    :Do No: HELP! I cannot find anything on the internet for window felt kits. I am kind of a cheapie, and I am not looking for one of those "entire rubber weatherstripping kits" that cost 400 dollars from a specialty company and yet it doesnt include the felt. I am looking for more of the bulk side of this. I just bought a 64 riviera and it needs window felt for the windows to slide up and down on. (The stuff on the sides of the window in the channels) Anyways, I have looked and no one caters to the riviera. Sure, if I had a skylark, then maybe, but even then the word "felt" or anything about it is a mystery to anyone or any business in thier inventory. They cover weather stripping, but nothing else. Can anyone help me?
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    window felts

    There is a place in Fullerton (Anaheim ?) CA that is great for these kinds of parts. It is called "Super Car Specialty". I bought my felts from them and the price was great and the quality was awesome.

    Hope this helps

    64 401 Skylark
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    Fellow Board member Alan at ???? I'm going to have to check on his website addy. He sells quality stuff :TU:

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