Who's gotta drop top?

Discussion in 'The ragtop shop' started by gotbuick, Feb 7, 2002.

  1. Paul Stewart

    Paul Stewart Well-Known Member

    My first Buick and it's a drop top! Auto, no A/C 48,000 original miles!

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  2. Brian Albrecht

    Brian Albrecht Gold Level Monkey

    Fine looking convertible Paul.
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  3. Tinny

    Tinny Member

    My '66 LeSabre. Sydney, Australia.
    Bought from a guy in Queensland, supposedly a 'rust free' Arizona car (yeah... right!).
    So the bright red and light roof is how I bought it, and the darker red is the re-paint colours. I have a new black roof to go on, and a new black interior.
    Hoping to be back on the road by Christmas.

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  4. Jim Anselmo

    Jim Anselmo "You don't need another project"

    I've had it since high-school (1980), and no that's not me in the picture :)

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  5. nj gsx tribute

    nj gsx tribute michael

  6. nj gsx tribute

    nj gsx tribute michael

    1972 buick gsx tribute, auto, 455, pw,pdl,pseat,tilt, house of kolor cobalt blue, 3.42 rear, n25 exhaust, which is my favorite option!

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