Who are the 71-73 Riviera gurus on this board?

Discussion in 'A boatload of fun' started by garybuick, Feb 28, 2019.

  1. garybuick

    garybuick Time Traveler

    You know who you are. You have all the specs memorized, you know what all the options were and the subtle differences from year to year. I have some obscure questions that only you guys would know. Who are the go to guys on this board for 71 to 73 Rivs.
  2. cjp69

    cjp69 Platinum Level Contributor

    JZRIV knows his 71-73's pretty well. Centurion knows all 71 models. I am sure there are others as well. The BCA Riv forum has some knowledgeable dudes as well.
  3. My3Buicks

    My3Buicks Buick Guru

    Instead of picking out specific people to ask you may be better off posting your questions for all, some people will know a lot, but maybe one person knows something that someone else doesn’t. How many times have we seen on the board where the experts weigh in and someone else comes in and corrects them
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  4. Tomsriv

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    What’s your question?

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