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    Yes - water actually seems to harden it. I actually always use a brush and it flows out nice. You should top coat it while its curing, 1st 30 min to 1 hour.
    "POR-15 is cured and strengthened by exposure to moisture and will dry faster under extreme humidity, but moderate to dry atmospheric conditions are most desirable when applying this product,because extreme humidity may cause an immediate surface cure, trapping carbon dioxide gas below the surface. When this happens, bubbling may occur. Extreme humidity at the time of application may also interfere with proper adhesion of the POR-15 coating to metal because it's almost impossible to keep metal dry under such conditions. Apply second coat when first coat is dry to touch with slight "finger-drag" remaining."
    Glad you were able to save your paint!
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    well said. I sanded mine days later with 220 dry . Worst paint in the world to sand . I had No finger prints left. could have robbed a bank. Top coated with Sikkens Rally Black chassis paint. Because i have heard that Por-15 is weak to UV light. it may turn white a little. All you guys painting under hood stuff. Sikkens Rally Black is used by a lot of people in the restoration business. It has amazing results. And it’s German. excellent paint. won’t chip
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    And you guys know Eastwood don’t make paint. I would assume their pant is POR-15. Or someone else.
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    Steve I have had POR adventures too. Painted the underside of a car with it. Used brushes. It tattooed my arms as it ran down and gravity is a B. Took weeks to get it all off my skin. No joke.

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