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  1. john.schaefer77

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    I have some front drums (70GS) that I am putting together on some OPGI hubs. This item I bought used here and I put the drum on the hub and the drum holes are bigger than the studs. The shoulder doesnt go that far enough to press into the drum. I checked the hole in a stock hub/drum I have and they are the same as these replacements.

    My Napa has the correct studs (GM 1380003 Napa 641-1106) and I was going to press these on.

    My questions are: Is it acceptable to leave the drum where I do not have to remove the bearings to pull them off or should I out it the way it should be?

    If I leave it is it ok that the drum holes are a bit loose on the studs? The drum holes are .517 and the stud shaft is .4375 (7/16). Thanks.
  2. racenu

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    I would think it’s ok to have them loose on the studs as long as the drum stays centred on the hub
  3. pbr400

    pbr400 68GS400

    Are the drums aluminum? For several years (‘68 and ‘69 for sure) big block cars got aluminum drums and had bigger studs in their hubs. I don’t know if the mismatch is a problem, but that may explain it.
  4. john.schaefer77

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    I.have replacement drums but these.hubs came from a v8 board member. The studs in it have the taper for the disc brake. I checked the stud size for that in our books at Napa. I actually took some old hubs off of some cast iron skylark drums and they fit fine.
    This started as a favor for a friend and has been a major pain.

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