what vehicles can I scavange a series 3 posi carrier from for my 72 skylark?

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  1. Ok this is probably beating a dead horse but since I cant find it on a forum search, what vehicles can I grab a posi carrier from that will fit my stock rear end. I have a set of 410 gears given to me and I only have a series 2 one wheel peel. Any help would be appreciated. thank you.
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    You need to know what your stock rear-end you have to start with, an 8.2 or 8.5 or a 8.5 BOP or Corporate.......these are all possibilities and none inter-change with each other and some can carry thru like a 8.5 Buick can carry from a 2:43 to a 3:23 I believe and then a 3;31 thru a 4;10 .....Others like MONAZ know exactly, but again we have to know what you have housing-wise first.
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    From your user name, lets assume you have an 8.5 in a 72 Skylark. It's very, very rare to find a 3 series posi in a boneyard these days, but I would look at mid 70's-mid 80's GM trucks and wagons. You need to be able to visually identify the posi, there are threads out here but the most common will have an 8 stamped near the ring gear bolts. See this article: http://www.buickperformanceclub.com/posi.htm

    If you cant find one of these, you can grab a 3 series 8.6 posi out of a early/mid 90's truck, wagon or police car. It'll fit your housing, and you can probably find one that comes with a 3.42 or 3.73 ring and pinion, but you'll have to buy new axles to match the side gear spline count.

    Your best bet is to buy a cheap off brand Yukon from one of the vendors here on the board (Everyday Performance, Monzas, Brian Trick) - it's new and will bolt right in. They can also put together a package with bearings and a good performance ring and pinion for a reasonable price.
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    Do NOT use a gov-lock posi,which you normally find in trucks and vans.
  5. Thank you guys, so look for a truck or get help from the right people.
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    Well, much more than that -first, understand what you've got. Then if you go searching yourself, educate yourself. know how to ID the correct junkyard axle, and then ID the correct junkyard posi.
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    Where are you located?

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