What it takes to run turbo's on a carb

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    BRUCE ROE Well-Known Member

    Do you have some drawings? Bruce Roe
  2. pmuller9

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    I will put a drawing together for you.

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  3. alan

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    I feed the boost signal to the pressure side of the wastegates, and through a regulator to the vacuum side of the wastegates. The wastegates have 4psi springs in them, so setting the regulator to 4psi results in 8psi boost. Setting the regulator to 8psi would result in 12psi boost. I plan to install an electric valve that will vent the vacuum port on the wastegates to atmosphere until the throttle is wide open (small electric switch), at which time the valve will then connect the vacuum port to the regulator and increase the boost to whatever you set it to.

    4psi boost max until you floor it.
  4. pmuller9

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    That's what I'm talking about!

    Alan, Nice solution

    The scheme I presented is nothing more than taking your solution and adding a variable regulator that operates off the TPS to vary max boost between no throttle and WOT.

    Thanks for your input

    What are you using for a boost controller?

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  5. alan

    alan High-tech Dinosaur

    For now, 2 Turbonetics race gates and 1 low pressure (10 or 15 psi max, I forget which!) pnumatic regulator.
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    I'm just curious what would need to modified to turbo a 78 231?
  7. pmuller9

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    Here you are Bruce

    This is for a carburetor setup that doesn't have a TPS. A TPS will have to be mounted on the carb.
    If there is already an operating TPS then the 5 volt regulator in the circuit will not be needed and just the TP and Return lines from the TPS get run to the circuit.

    The air pressure to the Wastegates is controlled from 0 to the maximum pressure settings linearly by the TPS sensor.

    Since this is being used on a street driven car you want a variable air regulator that isn't constantly clicking like the standard boost controllers.

    R6 adjust the max output pressure and there is also adjustments on the EP-8000

    The EP-8000 must be mounted vertically and cushioned from vibration.

    Here is the product sheet for the EP-8000 Series Electro-Pneumatic Transducer: http://cgproducts.johnsoncontrols.com/MET_PDF/216370.pdf

    I made a parts list using Digi-Key part numbers.

    You get to choose the TPS sensor


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    BRUCE ROE Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the sketch. The electronics are straight forward, gain
    the TPS output by up to 2 times (10V max). So tell us about the
    EP-8000-2, A-4000-137, and the waste gates.

    thanks, Bruce Roe
  9. pmuller9

    pmuller9 Well-Known Member

    I added this to post 27


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  10. sean Buick 76

    sean Buick 76 Buick Nut Staff Member

    You should be able to steal the whole top end off a 87 Turbo regal, including the heads, intake, fuel injection, exhaust, turbo, etc.
  11. gmcgruther

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    You can call Mike Moran at 1-734-947-1234 That is his shop number. He will be gladly to talk you through any turbo combination you have or want to do. He loves helping people with turbo or turbo's and getting their combo's straighten out. He'll even tell you a cheaper way. He only holds the world Record in single and Twin turbo class. Here is his website http://www.moranmotorsports.com/ please check it out it's loaded with information you might need.
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    Old but still Great info
  13. Sebambam

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    Just to keep this important infos alive
    Since its 2017.

    Fuel pump/system
    A alternative to a el. Fuelpump is the use of a "fuelcell" this fuel cells integrate a el.fp and will be feed by the already exsisting mech. Fp you got. They create the needed preassure for your application and work with carbs and efi. A bypass style regulator is still needed.

    My choice was

    Regarding timing
    The described options are great and are actualy what i will be running on low boost
    But the more acurate option is to
    Get a MSD 6530 ignition box which will pull the timing based on your setting automaticly.

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