What is the Year and Model of YOUR Classic Buick

Discussion in 'Classic Buicks' started by buick195646r, Nov 29, 2003.


What Classic Buick Model do YOU own

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  1. austingta

    austingta Well-Known Member

    Very nice car. Can you send us some more pics?
  2. 1LowLesabre

    1LowLesabre Well-Known Member

    Here ya go.

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  3. GoldBoattail455

    GoldBoattail455 462 -> TH400 -> Posi

    Nice tires. :TU: :beer
  4. big r

    big r Active Member

    Did that car come from Ohio?
  5. 1LowLesabre

    1LowLesabre Well-Known Member

  6. BuickLeSabre1960

    BuickLeSabre1960 Hot Dogs Anyone?

    That is a sweet car, I like the bellflower tips on it. What engine is in it?
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  7. 1LowLesabre

    1LowLesabre Well-Known Member

    '63 401:TU:
  8. 65WILDKAT


    Vey Cool!

    That is a sweet looking ride! :TU: I bet you get a lot of heads turning when you go "Cruzin" with her! What type of suspension are you running? I really like the Tires also But I could never have them,keepin them clean would drive me nuts!
    Do you have any Pictures of the interior and the motor?
    Thanks for the eye candy! :3gears:
  9. greywolf1

    greywolf1 New Member

    son owns mint condition 1962 buick special, dusty rose, 22,000 original miles. everythink original (even manual) except hoses and belts. was undriven and garage-kept by owners widow for 12 years until we purchased it. continues to be garage-kept. asking 4800.00 obo. northern illinois area.
  10. socalskylark

    socalskylark skylark newbie

    I've got a 1956 Century. What a looker:) Original 322 nailhead. Body is straight as a string.
    She started out life as "Tropical Coral" but now looks more pink and white. I call her the pink whale.

    I've been spending my time going through the critical systems; cooling, electrical and brakes. As I finish these I plan to just cruise around in the 'ol girl a little and enjoy. Hope to repaint as time and money permit. Some rehroming is a must. With all that chrome - wow - got to make it look good!

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  11. 65WILDKAT


    Cool Rde!

    That's a cool ride...the "PINK" part would make me kinda of uneasy to ride around in her...........BUT I still would!....:cool: ! Good Luck with her! just kidding about the pink (sort of):laugh:
  12. rriley

    rriley Member

    1962 Electra 225 ragtop - nicknamed "Ricochet"
    w/ 1961 401 (445 Wildcat)
    Shaved chrome, handles, antenna
    Blue LED ventiports and skull in grill
    20" MSR Rims
    63 Olds Bucket conversion w/ Invicta center console
    Altenator swap
    Offenhauser valve covers
    Bullet Themed
    more photos here:

    This board has some good stuff...
    I'm glad I found it.

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  13. buick195646r

    buick195646r Certified Buick Car Nut

    It is Quite Apparent Why YOU named Your Buick " Ricochet". The Light and Reflection just Bounces off and Scatteres in Every Direction.
    What a Supurb Ride.
  14. buick195646r

    buick195646r Certified Buick Car Nut

    SoCal Skylark,

    You have Yourself a Real Nice 56'. I think the Coral and Dover White is a Great Color for the Era. I have a 56 Special 2 door Hardtop Myself, but the body of My Buick is not in the fine shape Yours is in.
    Good Luck with Her. with some work She will be the Talk of the Town and a lot of Fun Crusing
  15. socalskylark

    socalskylark skylark newbie

    Thank you for the compliment - but I must confess the photos look better than the car at this time. But it is straight, I have the hub caps in the trunk and as this evening, I started to buff out the oxidized paint. Doesn't look too bad... good enough to drive out to have a burger or better!
    I need a couple of things right away - noteably a new headlight switch. Any ideas where I might locate one quickly?
  16. nounclejesse

    nounclejesse Member

    SoCal, try these guys in Phoenix: http://www.dvap.com
    They are a gold mine for us older Buick guys. I got a factory clock that sits on top of the dash from them for twenty bucks. If you are ever out Phoenix way, this place is a definite stop.

  17. socalskylark

    socalskylark skylark newbie

    Thanks for the tip - I just sent them an email requesting availability of the part and price. 40 acres - yikes. That's a lot of cars. :laugh:
  18. thud68

    thud68 Member

    41 2dr Model 46SSE


    What constitutes a Buick as Classic? Age, Body Style, Production Numbers? Just curious.

    Just bought this condition 4 car from a guy in Havasu City. He has owned it for about 10 years. He got it to primer and ran out of dough.

    Still waiting for delivery.
  19. socalskylark

    socalskylark skylark newbie

    Looking for parts

    Can you guys help me out? I'm looking for a good place to locate parts for my '56. I'm in need of small things like switchs, door handle, replacement clock, etc. Any help is appreciated.
    This is a great site; glad I found it!:)
  20. buick195646r

    buick195646r Certified Buick Car Nut

    RE: 56 Buick Parts

    Hey, SoCal!

    How are Things? What kind of Parts are YOU L@@KING for?

    I also have a '56 and I have had Great Success with Buick World 360-825-3787 phone only, and Bobs's Automobilia bobsautomobilia.com 805-434-2963 Bob's has an On-line Catalog.
    These two Vendor/Suppliers just do Buicks. They are Very Helpful and Customer Friendly and will bend over Backwards to HELP! You out. They Know what they are Talking About. You won't get any Junk. Top Merchandise. and a Wide Variety of Parts

    There are Others. www.classicbuicks.com and www.kanter.com They both have on-line catalogs. Kanter has a lot of Kits.

    If there is a specific part You are looking for and are handcuffed, give Me a shout and Hopefully, I can Steer You in the Right Direction.

    :TU: :TU: :3gears: :beer

    Tom Gallagher

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