What is the Year and Model of YOUR Classic Buick

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What Classic Buick Model do YOU own

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  1. Chuck Bridges

    Chuck Bridges Well-Known Member

    I just received the call from Ed. My car is ready! Yeah. I will be going out after lunch as he is closed for lunch hour. I can hardly wait to drive it home. This is going to be different as I have been driving pickups since 2008. In the car, you are a lot lower to the ground. Waiting is over!
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  2. B58 Sooner

    B58 Sooner New Member

    I am a 3rd owner of 1958 Special Model 41, 364 2BBL (soon to be 4BBL) w/ Dynaflow originally White over Seminole Red now White over faded Orange thanks to repaint by original owner Oklahoma State grad who despised Red. My wife found and I purchased for 2K at a garage sale 2 years ago, runs & drives.

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  3. bhambulldog

    bhambulldog 1955 76-RoadmasterRiviera

  4. lancemb

    lancemb New Member

    All 1957 Roadmasters currently - sedan, coupe, convertible. Have had other 57's, a 58, a 41, and a 68.
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  5. Chuck Bridges

    Chuck Bridges Well-Known Member

    Well, I have a trip up to my Mother-in-laws next week. My brother-in-law, who is a fair backyard mechanic, and has done all the previous work as it was his car, told me to take off the carb and bring it and the kit up and he will show me how to re-build it. I have to admit I am nervous to remove the carb. I don't want to ruin anything. Have to read up one it, take numerous pictures first to show how to put it back together (a picture it worth a thousand words, a mantra that telecom techs work by).
  6. WQ59B

    WQ59B Well-Known Member

    Have a '59 Invicta hardtop coupe, undergoing a slow resto-mod process. 455 Stg 2/ TH400/ Dana 60. Will have factory dash/gauges/wheel, period upholstery, bench seat/column shift.
    I do not care for gross visual anachronisms in a car, so something like an upholstered console and overstuff buckets have a zero percent chance of happening.
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