What is the Year and Model of YOUR Classic Buick

Discussion in 'Classic Buicks' started by buick195646r, Nov 29, 2003.


What Classic Buick Model do YOU own

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  1. Kqqlcat

    Kqqlcat Well-Known Member


    How do you post a picture? I attached it and it didn't show up.

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  2. jj22ee

    jj22ee Active Member

    I have a 57 roadmaster 75 364 w 4bbl afb
  3. buick195646r

    buick195646r Certified Buick Car Nut


    You Know what They Say about Cats?
    They May Not be the Biggest, Strongest, or Fastest, Animal in the Jungle.

    But They are, Certainly the Most Dangerous.

    I Adore the 63 & 64 Wildcats.

    Power,Comfort, Style and Grace.

    The TRUE Definition of a BUICK
  4. wagonboss

    wagonboss Benny Georgeson was 1st

    53 Roadmaster Ragtop in my family since 1961. Just got a 64 401 and trans for it (let the games begin).


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  5. BuickLeSabre1960

    BuickLeSabre1960 Hot Dogs Anyone?

    is that a donor in the barn?
  6. wagonboss

    wagonboss Benny Georgeson was 1st

    50 buick 2 door sedanette x code for paint because they didn't offer red in 1950, but the magazines advertised red cars. So someone ordered a red one and paint code "x" Bought the car for $200 in about 93, paid $100 to get titled. Complete and rust- free except hole in floor, drivers feet. Couldn't hardly find a buyer at $350 in 2000, but finally, one "arrived". Sorry, same story with a 48 2 door sedanette I bought in the same deal. The 55 special 2 door sedan, I had to give away, but I took out the rebuilt motor first. Just 4 short years ago.

  7. Spadez

    Spadez New Member

    1955 Buick Special
  8. 65WILDKAT


    I Have a 1965 Wildcat Sport Coup with a 401 and it a light blue and I think it embodies the look of the BIG Muscle Car!:cool:

    :3gears: :3gears: at the lightwaiting for the next victim(s)
  9. austingta

    austingta Well-Known Member

    I've got a 71 GS Convertible, pretty stock, except it has been changed to buckets and console, which were not available on convertibles. It is 1 of 599 GS 350 Convertibles with auto; there were about 120 more with either a 3 or 4 speed manual.

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  10. kc224336

    kc224336 Classic Cruisin'

    68 Buick Electra 225 Convertible
    65 Buick LeSaber
    94 Buick Park Ave
  11. Jimmyjake59

    Jimmyjake59 Member

    1940 Buick Eight Business Coupe converted to a street rod. '72 camaro frame, and a '68 buick engine and drive train. I have owned it for a few months and am planning on building it into a street/strip car.:beer

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  12. 54Roadmasters

    54Roadmasters Active Member

    1954 Buick "The Beautiful Buy"

    1954 Roadmaster 76R 2 dr ht (Dora)

    1954 Roadmaster 76R 2 dr ht (Irene)

    1954 Roadmaster 72R 4 dr (Buttercup)

    1954 Roadmaster 72R 4 dr (Dakota)

    1954 Roadmaster 72R 4 dr (Ol' Blue)

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  13. opeltwinturbo

    opeltwinturbo Well-Known Member

    1910 MODEL 10

    Hope to have it a the BPG Nationals.

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  14. 54Roadmasters

    54Roadmasters Active Member

    JimmyJake, the business coop ain't none too shabby as it sits. Keep us posted on your progress.

    and hey, I share your philosophy of not waiting for the destination and enjoying the ride.... and I chose to ride in a 54 Roadmaster. :beer
  15. buick195646r

    buick195646r Certified Buick Car Nut

    RE: 1954 Roadmaster

    It Seem that when a Person REALLY Like Something, They Can't get Enough of IT.
  16. buick195646r

    buick195646r Certified Buick Car Nut

    RE: 1954 Roadmasters

    These Fine Buicks that YOU Own are the Epitomie of Style, Grace, Elegence, Power, Speed and Comfortability.
    That's a LOT to Say in One Sentence, Nevermind Explain the Qualitys of One Particular Buick.
  17. 65WILDKAT


    My Ride

    This is my ride in progress.............

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  18. buick195646r

    buick195646r Certified Buick Car Nut

    65 WILDKAT

    :TU: :TU:

    You know what they say about those Big Cats?

    They may not be the Biggest, Strongests, Fastest, Animal in the Jungle.
    But they are by far the Most Dangerous.

    Nice Ride!!

    :TU: :3gears: :beer
  19. nounclejesse

    nounclejesse Member

    61 LeSabre 4DR HT. This car was purchased new in Phoenix and now lives about an hour and a half north of there.

    It won't light the tires or win many drags, but it is about as close as a time machine for the early 60's as I can find.

    I can hear Kennedy now, setting a goal to reach the moon by the time I turn 3.

  20. 1LowLesabre

    1LowLesabre Well-Known Member

    '61 Lesabre 2dr flat top. 401 nailhead, tiki stuff, slammed.

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