What gear to Use for my Car

Discussion in 'Got gears?' started by richvalenta, Oct 6, 2004.

  1. richvalenta

    richvalenta Not Running Again

    I am putting a posi unit in my 8.5 10 bolt on a 71 skylark.
    running 2,000 stall convertor and stage 1 455. Want a gear that
    will get up on the track but won't eat up the engine to bad on the interstate.
    3:42, 3:55, 3:73...what do you guys think. Won't be a daily driver, thanks :3gears:
  2. derek244

    derek244 ##$@@#!!!!

    What size (outer diameter that is) tires will you be running? Tall tires can defeat steep gearing. I run 26" tall tires, and have 3:42's. Any more, and highway driving would suck! 3:73's are way too much for our cars as far as street driving, but I never really heard comments about 3:55's.
  3. richvalenta

    richvalenta Not Running Again

    don't know the exact height

    Looking at street radial bfgoodrich p295 60 r15. Is there an economical
    slick/street tire that would be better?

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