What denomination are you??

Discussion in 'Help From Above' started by BuickLeSabre1960, Jul 17, 2004.

  1. BuickLeSabre1960

    BuickLeSabre1960 Hot Dogs Anyone?

    just wondering what denomination everybody was. I'm Assemblies of God
  2. otter

    otter It'll be done someday.

    Well, I was raised Lutheran, but I found the greatest woman in the world and her father was an Assemblies of God pastor, so now I am too. (denomination that is, I'm not a pastor, gotta watch sentence structure!) It's kinda weird because I don't remember having heard of them before I met my wife and now they're everywhere. They are on my Buick website, even the regional manager for my company is one. I was kind of suprised when he told me that during my interveiw because I know it is illegal to discuss religious affiliations in a job interview but I guess he figured it was alright since I was the one that brought up the subject. It's kind of nice knowing your boss is one of us, I think I might be trying harder at my job just because I have respect for the man. I know that everything I do should be done to glorify the Lord but it is just different working for a Christian.
    My wife was a little unsure about taking me to her church knowing I was raised Lutheran, she thought I might be a little freaked out by people speaking in tounges and all that singing and stuff but I guess it was meant to be because I am now finding out that my Lutheran church must have been rather unique because it was increadibly like our current AOG church, in fact I knew the words to most of the songs used in the service already. Well, that's enough rambling for now, take care.

    RACEBUICKS Midwest Buick Mafia

    Just plain ole southern baptist, Hey lets have a meeting, everyone bring some food....:)
  4. 67buickva

    67buickva Evil Kitty

    well let's see here......my mom was raised in the Church of Christ. They were told as she put it ......you are all going to hell!! Now shake hands and go home and make Sunday dinner.
    My father is a defrocked Catholic........not sure how.
    I was attending a Bible Church locally here in Virginia. Pastor was the best I have ever seen or heard. But the membership was so big that a person didn't feel right. I was like going to the movies on opening night and people treated the place like a movie theater. Come in LATE.........No OFFERING ......and Leave trash on the floor. AND CELL PHONES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I miss Jim and Tammy........for the entertainment value that is....... :laugh:
  5. Mentalkase

    Mentalkase Desert Coonass

    Born and raised Catholic. :eek2:

    Left at 12.

    Assemblies of God at 26.

    Talk about culture shock.Only heard of two churches until then,Catholic and Baptist.

    The first day to an AoG was wild.Went in and sat down and everyone was up walking around and talking.I am thinking this is not right,they need to sit down and whisper.Then the music started.I thought BLASPHEMY,I serioully doubt I will ever come back here.

    During praise and worship,a lady who broke every commandment and consumated her marriage with everyone but her husband turned ghost white and dropped.Everyone was holding up hands,praying,speaking in tounges,I thought,what a bunch of hoakies,I am NEVER coming back here again. :shock:

    Two weeks later I was back in the same church in the same pew.

    Now I am part of Morningstar International family of churches.Fundamentalist group.I love it,heavy on Discipleship and Accountability. :TU:
  6. BuickLeSabre1960

    BuickLeSabre1960 Hot Dogs Anyone?

    oh, I forgot to say. My dad is an AG pastor here in Mount Pleasant

    GSXMEN Got Jesus?

    What Mike said....minus the southern part. :grin:
  8. Evans Ward

    Evans Ward Well-Known Member

    Independent Fundamentalist Baptist. We're not part of the Southern Baptist Association and free to support missionaries around the world! Proud to say that I am a child of God!!
  9. BirdDog

    BirdDog Well-Known Member

    Amen brother. :TU: ....We Baptists know how to Fellowship. :grin:

    Free-Will Baptist.
  10. RIVI1379

    RIVI1379 Well-Known Member


    Is There Anything Sacred Left Anymore...has The Internet Corrupted Peoplt That Much...?once Upon A Time Religion Was Meant Sacred And Practiced By Those Who Felt Its' Importance And Sought It For Guidance, Now Its Thrown Around Like Stories About Last Nights Rock Concert. Maybe I'll Run Out And Put One Of Those Fish On The Back Of My Buick, Get Me Some Various Religious Cult T-shirts That Say Who Is Saving Us Now! C'mon, Religion Is Personal-keep Your Belief Discussions Where They Belong-in A Church. Hey, Anyone Wanna Talk About Some Car Stuff?
  11. Evans Ward

    Evans Ward Well-Known Member

    Well this is the Help From Above Section which I give thanks that it allows us Christian Buick owners a place to fellowship, give praise, and provide intercession for one another. One does not have to enter into this section if they don't want to. I don't think you'll find many corrupt individuals that post regularly in this section. Religion can be personal but when God has provided and done so much for us we all want to praise His Holy name and give thanks and sometimes that is with testimony! Praising Him should be and is a life changing event more than just worship on a Sunday. More importantly is that etertinity is forever and I'm glad I made the greatest decision I ever did! That free gift is open to anyone and everyone. Be glad to talk cars with you as I'm as big a Buick gearhead as the rest of you!! Take care and God Bless.
  12. 70 gsconvt

    70 gsconvt Silver Level contributor

    Raised Roman Catholic, now just a non-denominational Christian.
  13. Floydsbuick

    Floydsbuick Well-Known Member

    Evangelical Christian
  14. Noah1967

    Noah1967 Ricky-Ticky-Rivvy


    Raised Roman Catholic, and will always love GOD, although temptation leads me astray, GOD gives me the knowledge and strength to make it through.
  15. Race Lutz

    Race Lutz Well-Known Member

    Denomination - Southern Baptist

    Just a good ole' Southern Baptist. I have visited other churches and denominations and feel I have a better fit with our local SBC (that's not small block chev).

    On another note, I, like Evans Ward, feel fortunate and blessed that we Buick owners have a place to write, raise up and pray for other like minded folks. No one is made to click on here, as it says specifically, "Help from above."

    God's richest blessings on you all.
    Race Lutz

    BURNOUT Buick Motorsports

    Southern Baptist

    I was raised thinking that everyone was Baptist except the two Jewish kids in school. http://www.belmontheights.org

    In Mathew 28:19-20 Jesus said, "Go, the, to all peoples everywhere and make them my disciples: baptize them in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, and teach them to obey everything I have commaned you. And I will be with you always, to the end of the age." In Luke 16:15 Jesus said, "Go throughout the whole world and preach the gospel to all mankind." That does not sound "personal and private" to me.
  17. Evans Ward

    Evans Ward Well-Known Member

    God's word says, "Be yee fishers of men." The Great Commission has been laid out and it is our duty and service to Him to fulfill it.
  18. my3buicks

    my3buicks Guest


    Lutheran for 43 almost 44 years
  19. MikeM

    MikeM Mississippi Buicks

    Say Gerig, does your congregation study the Buick chassis manuals on Sunday?
  20. jamyers

    jamyers 2 gallons of fun

    Troll Alert!!! Woooop! Wooooop! Wooooop!

    Hee hee hee... Like I could keep such a personal part of my person locked up in a building...kinda like only talking about Buick stuff when I'm in a garage - how silly! :laugh:

    Me? Presbyterian, former Southern Baptist, with a lolt of Assembly of God, Church of the Nazarene, Catholic, Methodist, (and even some Mormon) family ties.

    Q: What's the best thing about being Presbyterian?
    A: We get to wave to each other at the liquor stores! :laugh:

    I learned a long time ago, that what's going on inside the hearts of the members is a LOT more important than what's on the sign outside.

    Blessed be He!

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