We had a baby Girl, but we need lots of prayers!!

Discussion in 'Help From Above' started by OLDS442GM, Jan 26, 2008.

  1. cstanley-gs

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    Count me in, my family and I are thinking of you....
  2. buick455V8

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    Prayers for a quick and full recovery for your daughter.God Bless.
  3. renu36

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    Larry, wife and our little angel (Victoria) are in our prayers also,
    as a car nut to another,we all know there is nothing more important then
    our children, please keep us all posted and GOD BLESS..
  4. rogbo1

    rogbo1 Well-Known Member

    She will pull through this, I know she will, and you will love her all the more!
    The medical care that is available these days is miraculous.
    Children are so very resilient, so keep up your spirits.
  5. jim

    jim Well-Known Member

    Prayers coming from our family
  6. OLDS442GM

    OLDS442GM Going Fast With Class!

    Latest update.....our little daugher is slowly getting better....yesterday was the first time my wife got to hold her EVER and today was my turn. She still has a swollen belly and is in pain...she is still cathitorized (sp??) and can't eat from a bottle...the dr's have her on an IV since day 1 and let me tell you, she is extremely hungry for a bottle...the sad thing is that only time will heal it all. We had to go home today, my wife was released from the hospital and we had to leave our little one behind in the hospital....we plan on visiting everyday.....75 mile round trip!!!....its a small sacrafice for our daughter as she is in a great hospital and has very good doctors. All prayers are appreciated and I'm sure they are helping! In the meantime we continue to pray for a speedy recovery ourselves and visit our daughter each and every day to be with her as a family even though we are so far apart.


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    I'm relieved to hear she is on the road to recovery. It is so hard to see the little ones in pain. God will heal her. She is in my thoughts and prayers, as are you and your wife. It must have been hard to leave the hospital without her. God tests our strength every day, and he is testing you and your wife. Be strong, and soon Victoria will be home with you.
  8. Pace Car Seeker

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    You and your family will be in our prayers
  9. Eric

    Eric Founders Club Member

    Dear Lord...
    Forgive us for neglecting you.
    You love this little one even more that any of us ever could.
    And you can make her new, like none of us could ever hope to.
    Thanks for caring for her ...and us! :pray:
    Your children...
  10. Dana/Beth Andrews

    Dana/Beth Andrews Huc accedit zambonis!

    Thanks for the update.
    Victoria is one beautiful little girl, glad to hear she is on the road to recovery. You all will remain in our thoughts & prayers.

    Beth & Dana
  11. gd2227

    gd2227 Platinum Level Contributor

    Your family are in our prayers.
    PM sent...
  12. Sergeant Major

    Sergeant Major Biggest Nut in the Can

    Sent a prayer to a friend in Israel..it's already done...May you and yours live a long and prosperous life..
  13. NJBuickRacer

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    Larry, prayers are with you. What hospital? My son was born thursday and is still in the NICU at St Peters.
  14. OLDS442GM

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    Artie....congrats to you!!!...Our baby is in St. Josephs in Patterson because thats where our baby's doctor is practicing. Last night we had to decide to do an exploritory surgery on her. According to 2 x-rays a small hole showed up on her intestine and they needed to check that. They also decided to check everything while they had her in surgery....let me tell you it was the longest hour and a half of our lives!!...but they found nothing wrong with her. Currently she is still in NICU and is sedated and her belly has been drained of all that excess fluid and she looks 100 times better, my wife is going this morning to visit her and my wife and I are going together later tonight. Its a relief that they didnt find anything, but its also driving us crazy as to what has caused all of this. We are not out of the woods yet, but hopefully she is going to get better soon.

  15. Race Lutz

    Race Lutz Well-Known Member

    You and your little girl are already in my prayers. I said a prayer before I got to the end of the posts. And there it was, she is already getting better. It almost feels like prayers are being answered as we all read the messages and write responses.

    God bless you every one!!!!

    Oh, and congratulations on having a new baby!
  16. 65specialconver

    65specialconver kennedy-bell MIA

    happy to hear she is doing better.best wishes for a fast & speedy homecoming.
  17. OLDS442GM

    OLDS442GM Going Fast With Class!

    Latest news:

    Right now our baby is recovering. They have called in a gastro doctor and an infectious disease doctor to find out what has been going on....we may get answers, we may not...who knows. Right now its just a waiting game and we will know more as the week progresses. :pray:

  18. adamst56

    adamst56 Well-Known Member

    The most important asnwers are those to your prayers. I am glad she is getting better.
  19. OLDS442GM

    OLDS442GM Going Fast With Class!

    Latest news!!!

    Our baby girl is currently at home...she arrived here on Friday 2/8/08....unfortunatly she is still catherized and will be until Thursday this week....we will see what happens Thursday wether or not she needs another operation so she can urinate through a sergically placed hole in her bladder. One can only hope and pray the she won't need this procedure and we wont know until the tail end of the week. It feels so good to have her home though! :)


    I will keep everyone posted as to how Thursday goes! :(
  20. jim

    jim Well-Known Member

    Larry I been watching to see when we would see an update. We will pray for her some more that everythings goes well on thursday. Take care Jim

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