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    I have a 1968 Buick Skylark, White with black vinyl top, Rust on al quarters around the wheel well, changed all bushings for a high energy suspension upgrade, as all parts were original, but useless. I have the original motor/intake out, being refreshed then reinstalled( I keep finding stuff to fix that will be easier with motor and tran out). I think it is a 5, which means ita probably a 6. My question is this, I took out the st300 and bought a rebuilt th350 (Buick bolt pattern) and am planning to install the th350 when I finish doing stuff. Will changing the tran decrease the value? I am doing it for the purpose of making it more drivable. Also replaced front brakes with disks.
    I would be, by another guys gude, maybe the worst kind of collector/restorer as I do all the work myself, but am trying to find original options for that year.:3gears:
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    defiantly a place to start, I have wondered how to rate some of the cars we see and that criteria works pretty well. Thanks Chris
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    If it were a GS it would decrease the value, but not a regular 68 Skylark. The way I see it, if it runs and drives good its worth more.
  4. speedygump

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    My 70 GS 455 was hit lightly but the panels were replaced over time. It was driven hard and they had fun in it! now That I own it I find it has components from at least 7 different cars on this one. Now I am fully restoring it and since the engine and transmission are no longer original to the car I find myself doing a little hot rodding myself. 2 spun bearings and a rod journal were out when I purchased it! Now she sports Edelbrock performer RPM heads and intake on an SF block pushing a VERY conservative 425 to 450 Horses . It had a 1977 TH 400 from a Cadillac Seville and am now trying to put a 4L60E (4 speed automatic) behind the 455 to get better mileage from the 3:64 gears out back. The car was crusher material with a solid frame and good suspension when I got it but could not let her go to the crusher. I am purchasing all new panels from AMD through Then and Now and when complete will still have at least 4 different vehicles in this one. (71 GS Hood, 70 GS RIV 455, passenger side door? It was blue on a gold car!, and the transmission) all on my car!
    Rotisorie restoration and painted like the black 71 GSX with gold stripes.

    The best I can do is a 3 on this scale but man it will be fun to drive!
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    While I understand the need for a rating system I feel that the description makes a lot of expensive restored cars look like #4 cars. Sure sounds baad to spend thousands and end up in a weak #3 or #4 car. Ouch. :confused:
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    I was in the Tim hortons parking lot the other day looking at a brand new truck parked beside me with orange peeled overspray from bumper to bumper thinking 40 g's for that how embarrassing, I would much rather put that much into my skylark and end up with a three or a four or two, more than half the people that will see it will appreciate it for what it will become. Plus after u put that kind of money into ur baby, u can guarantee that aside from regular maintainance ur classic will out last any or almost all of the throwaways that the auto industry is building today. While appraisers and price guides dictate the value of our blood and sweat.. I still think its worth it to save a classic. They don't make em like they used to:3gears::beers2:
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    take a look at my car and tell me what ya'll think also it is for sale too
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    I would rate my car as 4.5, its still strong and shiny.
  9. ttotired

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    I just typed and deleted a big spiel on this subject about what a load of crap it is. If this is truly what this group believes, I am in the wrong group
  10. white72gs455

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    I don't care what others rate my car as, I enjoy it and its a #1 to me!!!
    this thread started in 2005...
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    Has anyone here ever done a poll for everyone on the board to rate their cars on this scale? It would be interesting to see how many cars in each category out there.

    Admittedly, it would take more than one poll -- one for its current condition (including an "undergoing resto" option) and one for its desired / planned condition when finished.

    I'd love to see a poll on how long everyone's restoration has taken, too.

    -- Steve
  12. DruRizzo

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    Mines a 6. :(
    But a 4 in my eyes :D

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