v8buick.com in HotRod.com article

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  1. Colonel1964

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    What's V8Buick.com? [​IMG]

    That's a great story and a beautiful car.

    My hat is off to all who were part of its story, and the honoring of Jim.
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  3. gs66

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    Agreed, beautiful car with a great story!
  4. 69 GS 400

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    Is the article available in the paper mag edition as well ?
  5. Colonel1964

    Colonel1964 Colonel1964

    I don't know. I read it online.
  6. Duane

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    Just as a note,
    The 1969 Buick Motion Equipped GS was scheduled to go in the October issue but has been moved back to the November issue of Muscle Car Review. It should be on the streets sometime in late September.

    The restoration of the car from start to finish is also documented on this site on another thread.

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