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    Saw this on line because I was thinking “surely someone has mentioned a class action suit against all this.

    Make UPS Pay!!!
    Anyone viewing this website obviously is searching the web to find out what they can do to make UPS pay for stealing, damaging or losing your items through their shipping service.

    I have researched myself about UPS complaints. There is even an!

    The problem is UPS continually and repeatedly employs liars and thieves within their company. There is no repercussion to their drivers or anyone who has a hand in shipping your packages to you. They will ALWAYS give an "insufficient packaging or improper packaging" as the reason for denying your claim. They will NOT refund you money for lost, stolen or damaged items EVEN IF you paid extra for insurance on your package.

    There is NO OTHER #, NO HEADQUARTERS, NO WAY TO CONTACT THEIR DAMAGED DEPARTMENT aside from 1-800-Pick-UPS! This is obviously a very good way to keep giving the same information to their customers and their shipping agents to inhibit them from receiving reimbursement for unreceived items or packages.

    They DO NOT care about giving good customer service. They do not care about providing a good service, period! All they care about is making money and be-damned to those who actually expect a service that they paid for to work.


  2. jay3000

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    The thread was started about USPS.
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    Ahh the 28 day threads. Its clear where the board is on the cycle...
  4. gs66

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    I have had the best luck with USPS and FedEx.
  5. telriv

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    I, for the most part, have received good service from USPS or UPS. I had one problem with UPS that was resolved rather quickly with no additional forms. The secret with UPS is to go to the UPS store & have them wrap it & ship it. I know it's more costly to do so, but in the end is well worth it if there is a problem with something that may be of value. If I pack & have them ship & there's a problem the proof is on me if it was packaged properly. IF they pack it & also ship now the problem is in their hands & the problem is on them. I shipped a pristine console & ALL attaching parts, boot, indicator, reverse switch & linkages which was by the UPS store & received by a UPS store. When it arrived it was clearly visible it was BADLY damaged. Normally you can't open the package in the store, but the counter person made an exception because of the visible damage. So it was DOCUMENTED by another UPS store. I insured it for $1000.00 from my local UPS store who also packed it ( I told him it was valuable, hence the 1K insurance) & then shipped it. I got a good portion of the 1K back which made myself & the recipient happy in less than two weeks.

    Tom T.
  6. 1973gs

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    I'm a mechanic at USPS. so I always use them to ship. I've had no problems with packages shipped or receive through them. I also haven't had any issues receiving packages from Fedex or UPS. What most people don't realize is that Fedex and UPS use USPS for some packages under 70 lbs. When you drop off something at Fedex or UPS and pay double or triple what USPS charges, very often they fill their tractor trailers and drive them right to the USPS plant. Also, USPS has been downsizing since 2008. As people retire, they are being replaced with temporary workers that don't get anywhere near the pay or benefits that a USPS employee makes. After I think two years, they can apply for a Postal job, but I'm pretty sure that most of them don't make the two years. Most of them don't care about their job,they're just temporary. Even the mechanics that they have hired since 2011, while they are full time USPS employee's, will never make what the previous hired mechanics make. They also don't get the same benefits. From what I understand, most of the mail is sorted by an outside company instead of the letter carrier that delivers the mail. That's why you often get a letter for someone else in your bundle of mail. The carrier just grabs the bundle with your address on it and puts it in your box. They don't actually flip through it to make sure that it's all yours.
  7. faster

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    UPS and Fedex is great here.

    USPS is a whole new level of screw you...

    Had the gate open but USPS driver would not drive the 150 feet to deliver. Left a note on the open gate "no one home pick up at their facility"; I was mowing the lawn and did not see them but I'd bet he saw me. Now this was a Friday and by the time I saw the note it was too late so had to wait till Monday to get a part I needed to make a vehicle run. Brought all this up to the manager of the facility, his response was "oh well" and went back to what he was doing. Dude I paid for shipping to my house and yet still had to drive the ten miles here and ten miles back! "Sorry"... Yea right.
  8. LouV

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    I live in the country and have some problems with receiving packages. I find FedEx is the worst. I have had times where the tracking showed the package was on the truck but never showed. Since it was Saturday I had to wait to Tuesday for it to arrive. They also have junk trunks. One package was covered in muddy water because their floor was rusted through.
    UPS used to ship great when I ordered from big companies that shipped near Indianapolis. I usually received them the next day when using 2 day service. I now see that 2 day delivery means just that, Since they usually pick up at night the first day doesn't count. If it arrived at the hub too early it will stay until the estimated delivery delivery date.
    Too many shippers create a shipping tag then don't hand it off to the shipper for a few days. Then DHL is slow to move it. Luckily the town mo PO is in is a drop off hub for UPS, DHL and Amazon. That can speed things up some.
  9. flynbuick

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    Lou--Fed Ex takes the position that Home Delivery drivers are independent contractors. Fed Ex makes the driver's buy or provide their own trucks. The driver's own or lease their trucks. Fed Ex requires the drivers to put the Fed EX logo own their trucks, wear Fed Ex uniforms and use the FED Ex DOT #, even though their contracts say they are independent contractors.
  10. Briz

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    True that. My fed ex drivers actually work for a company called Road Runner out of Jacksonville. Little sticker on the sides of the truck say "Independently operated by Road Runner LLC"
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    UPS really sucks when you get home and check your video camera. Robbery in progress.

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