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Discussion in 'The Bench' started by gsxnut, Feb 13, 2018.

  1. gsxnut

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    I just updated the Dealer Code List.

    The list grew from 191 pages to 234. I have been working on it off and on for the last 10 years. Sorry it took so long to get these updated. I found more information at Sloan in the 1973 Invoices, received information from private source on some CANADA codes and continue to work through a document showing codes from 1973-1982. It is a long and tedious process for sure.

    http://www.buickgsx.com/Dealer Codes by Zone.pdf

    or click on the Dealer Code link at www.buickgsx.com


  2. DBS

    DBS Well-Known Member

    Thanks for all the work. Invaluable resource.
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  3. dentman

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    This great stuff.Could this be made permanent (pinned)
  4. moleary

    moleary GOD Bless America

  5. gsxnut

    gsxnut Well-Known Member

    It is really free for use. I am pretty sure you can download it or save it if you want and I can see why it might get pinned as a resource. It has been around for a long time but the update was good. Got some really rare codes like the Zone 16 and Zone 79 codes.
  6. flynbuick

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    The thread now stuck at the top. Thanks for all the great work Mark.
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  7. JohnnyGS

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    good work Mark. :) thats a lot of valuable infomation

    BUQUICK I'm your huckleberry.

    Awesome work Mark. I've referred to the previous versions many times. Thanks for taking the time to put this together and sharing it.
  9. Doo Wop

    Doo Wop Where were you in '62?

    Fantastic, thank you very much Sir.
  10. 70staged

    70staged Well-Known Member

    12-205 Daniel Chevrolet address is 202 W Main St in Kahoka, MO. They were in business up until around 2006 and the owner retired and sold it to someone else.

    I can’t find it now but Martin Buick in Kahoka says 1965 only. Kent Martin and his dad were in business I know in 1967, because my dad bought his 1967GS400 4 speed car there. 2 fun facts about that dealership. Kent would drag race a nailhead rail car and sometimes a few cars from the dealer lot around the area Friday and Saturday nights at the near by drag strips. Other fact was that Martin Buick also sold Internaional Tractors as well.
  11. riv2x4

    riv2x4 Well-Known Member

    Any idea why so many ended in 1981 other than the economy at that point?
  12. Marco

    Marco Well-Known Member

    Thank you Mark!
  13. 704spd

    704spd Well-Known Member

    Thank you Mark!!! Wow, I’ve been away for a bit and you really have added to the list. Awesome!
  14. scubasteve455

    scubasteve455 Well-Known Member

    Wow. Awesome
  15. scubasteve455

    scubasteve455 Well-Known Member

    Where on the build sheet is the dealer # my build sheet is a mess! Dry rot
  16. Mike Trom

    Mike Trom Blah, Blah, Blah

    Lower left, box 112 and 113. Flint PBOF sheets are different and I don't think they list the dealer.
  17. scubasteve455

    scubasteve455 Well-Known Member

    California made Buick
  18. scubasteve455

    scubasteve455 Well-Known Member

    Fremont Plant.

    BUQUICK I'm your huckleberry.

    Mike is correct, the dealer info is in boxes 112 and 113 for your '72 that was built at Fremont. We found three build sheets in the interior of our '72 Stage 1 from Fremont, one in the driver's bucket seat, one under the backseat, one under the package tray. We've never checked above the gas tank. Here are two of the sheets with the dealer info circled.

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  20. scubasteve455

    scubasteve455 Well-Known Member

    Yes found mine under package tray. Restored car. Did not find anywhere else
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