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Discussion in 'Got gears?' started by rod61727, Sep 20, 2004.

  1. rod61727

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    Have a rear end(# on housing is 1373437) out of a 68 Electra225 which had a 430 with TH400 (Aluminum tag has #215332 and B1 followed by 68...(maybe for FEB 1, 1968?) and also the number 507...it does not look like a posi...it is 10 bolt, and no springs in the center assembly...numbers on the main gear are 1383523 and 39-14...axle is complete with brake drums...gears not chipped...and sharp edges...hate to toss it...if interested make offer(email rodnsue@yahoo.com)
  2. Smartin

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    If you intend to sell this on the board, try to post it in the Parts for Sale forum, and please include a price and location as per board rules. Thanks!
  3. rod61727

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    will do so...was just trying to keep it in the same string

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