U,P.S. What Brown did to me!

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  1. 65WILDKAT


    I bought a 66 S/P 400 trans off of a Board member here and it was Shipped thru UPS! Well I took the Trans right off of the back of the UPS truck and The Driver and I slid it into the back of my P/U, I then Took it right to my Friends Shop to off load it,When I was at work My buddy had the time to take out my old Trans. I went over to his Shop after work and went to unpackage the rebuilt trans and what do I find but a cracked Bolt Tab! I called them and they gave me the run around until finally yesterday they sent someone out to look at it! it has been over a week since I first contacted them and when they come out all I was told is that they will be in contact with me in 48 hours! It s not hard to see that a fork lift hit the tab and plus the skid was also cracked. (which I did not see until I unwrapped it!)
    I just needed to blow off some steam :af: :af: :af:
  2. Ken Mild

    Ken Mild King of 18 Year Resto's

    If it's not breakable, UPS will find a way to break it.

    Someone on a thread a while back was mentioning how hideous UPS is in taking care of packages. This is just another example. Taking something made out of cast aluminum & breaking it. Unbelievable.
  3. 69gsconv4spd

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    I feel your pain.
    I was in a hurry to send a package UPS red and was short a box. I had one of those Fedex boxes so I used it with a UPS label. Needless to say it never made it. They said the package was destroyed and the contents missing and they wouldnt honor the insurance because it was improperly packaged! That was 3 years ago and i havent shipped with them since.
  4. guitargoalie

    guitargoalie Well-Known Member

    It may have been me, not sure.

    But anyways I do work for UPS, I can honestly say I would NEVER in my life ship through them, if you can ship it though the postal service (I worked for them too)
  5. 462CID

    462CID Buick newbie since '89

    I worked for UPS for 6 years, loading and unloading trucks, and driving Brownies on a delivery route

    take whatever fears you have about UPS damaging a package, and multiply it by ten

    When you package something to go through UPS, you prepare it for War . You make it impossible to damage or you pay the price

    You would not beleive the things I saw at UPS
  6. GStage1

    GStage1 Always looking for parts!

    Never use UPS. They have damaged/destroyed more of my Buick parts than anyone! They are crap!

    I use FedEx Ground and never, ever had a problem or damage!
  7. daward

    daward Measure twice, cut once.

    I'm more of a USPS person myself... it might take just a little longer, or be a little less more of a pain to actually go to the PO versus having the package picked up--but I've never had a problem.

    Incidentally, for BIG shipments... Roadway was great when I needed to have a '66 Skylark/Special hood shipped cross-country :TU:
  8. MikeL

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    UPS- "When it absolutely, positively has to be broken overnight" My Dad shipped a $1100. Kenwood linear amplifier by UPS this spring, double boxed and with enough styrofoam to float the Queen Mary. When the buyer got it, it had a nice hole about the same shape as a fork lift tine through the side cover, destroying the chassis and a $300. vacuum tube. It's been 5 months now and we still have not gotten any insurance reimbursement. Not even a refund on the $100. two way shipping cost! I think they string you along as long as they can until you give up. Good news is that there are alternatives now.
  9. GStage1

    GStage1 Always looking for parts!

    Roadway was bought out by FedEx about 5 years ago, maybe more.
  10. RG67BEAST

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    I had a mint 67 GS grille shipped by UPS. When I got it it was in 5 pieces and the box was mangled. :rant: The guy I bought it off of did a real nice job packaging it too. I was so mad I bought another off fleebay at any cost. This time with insurance and shipped USPS. I got it all in one piece. :grin:

    Breaking an ear off a transmission is rediculous. I guess if I have one shipped I'll put insurance on it too.
  11. 65WILDKAT



    STILL IN REVEIW!!!!!!!!!! is what I was told when I called today! :af: :af: :af: :af: :af: :af: :af: The Funny thing is that if one of their Drivers dents one of their trucks they catch all kinds of flack and possible discharge!
    Funny how things work!
  12. blown455

    blown455 Pit crew

    UPS lost our fuel pump for the Hawk. Paid for next day air, it didn't show up. Called, they said I wrote down the wrong address because there was no such address found. Finally figured it out, the driver needed to look at the other side of the street. Get the pump fixed same day UPS picks it up to be shipped next day air back home. Three days later we are still trying to find out where our fuel pump is. You ask UPS where it is, they flat out say "We don't know". Good thing we got tracking on the package :Dou: They were telling us that it was put on a container to go over seas. Nice, we needed it to go to the Nats that year. We finally get it, just in time to get it put in the car and drive to BG. When we got home we fought with them some more. We paid for next day both ways and both ways it didn't show up next day. I did get the return home shipping reimbursed to us. I was told to bit the big one if I thought I was going to get anything for the shipping out there, they still put the blame on me and not the fact that their driver was driving with his eyes closed. Oh well, at least we got $125 of the shipping back.

    FedEx isn't much better. I had to get a new cell phone. It gets shipped to me FedEx. Looked the box over and it's in perfect shape so I signed for it. Later I open the box and inside is the original shipping box smashed and mangled. Some how the phone was untouched. Called FedEx to tell them I was unhappy with what they did. They said I signed for it, so I ok'ed the packaged, so it must of looked fine and basically I had no room to complain. The box was in perfect condition... Who would of ever thought they would of repacked it after destroying it!! Live and learn I guess. I now open ever package before signing.
  13. Ken Mild

    Ken Mild King of 18 Year Resto's

    I would have your lawyer call from this point on. I hate UPS.

    With all the nightmare stories going on here, all people who are affected by UPS shipping damage from this point forward should start taking digital shots and keeping records. Then file a class action law suit. It's the only way it will ever work.

    We should spread this to other forums as well.
  14. 65WILDKAT


    Digital Shots

    Taking pictures will not help with our complaints, I was told that by a UPS Rep. Saying that the picture(s) don't mean a thing because it does not prove when the damage happened, It MIGHT Help in court but they will argue that the pictures could have been taken at any time, because you can set the date on your camera to anytime you want! Plus once again it does not tell when the damage happened! They will have a ton of Lawyers set in motion to string it along until you can no longer afford to fight it. I was told this by an Attorney that has dealt with them before. I think hat the whole board should see this thread and let them decide on what they want to do or not do, another wise use them or not! It is really sad when you trust a company with something and they JUST DON'T CARE ,It is kind of like betting with someone elses money..What does it matter if you Win or Loose,it did not cost you anything!
  15. desertrat_1960

    desertrat_1960 DIE !!! RICE BOY...ZERRP!

    UPS is the pits ..

    We've had our fill of UPS here ........
    3 years ago during the "Bisquit Fire" in Oregon we had a $1500.00 shipment of parts coming in from Postons" and TA . We had to evacuate so I called the UPS Depot in the town where we were going to . I knew the packages were there so I asked if I could come in ,sign,and pick them up .
    They told me NO !!!!!!!!! At that point I asked if they knew what was going on 30 miles from them . (500,000 acre fire , Looting , Martial Law ) they said when we deliver it's no longer their responsibility :blast: :af: :spank: .
    I ended up having to sneak back in and there they were on the front porch .
    Got em' and got the Frell OUT !!! Luckily ...
    Next was last month , My wife ordered a $1,200.00 Lapidary Saw . When it got here it was Crushed :af: It had Fragile All Over it .. They crushed the Hood, and a 250.00 Diamond Saw Blade . They did come to pick it back up we dumped it in their Lap the company refunded our money . But ... It's not that at all . My wife had almost gotten the saw just before her Chemo started . When she finally got it it was totally "Trashed" now it's Backordered for 6 months to a year .
  16. CanadianBird

    CanadianBird Silver Level contributor

    UPS can kiss my ...

    I bid and won a console on EBAY. It was shipped from us to Canada. My wife phoned and said she would step out so she would leave a cheque( their 30.00 brokerage fee and the 85.00 of taxes that the governement collects cause the shipper over insured and that is what we pay tax on) on the table outside next to the door. They actually came by when she was home but never rang the bell. They took their cheque and ran. The box was trashed and the console damaged. :rant: They asked if I wanted the console back after they picked up and inspected, I said why not. Well they shipped the console back to the shipper. Meanwhile a month goes by and I do not hear from anyone. I phone the canadian office...sorry cannot help you you need to deal with US office...I phone the US office... :rant: sorry I should not speak to you as you are not the guy who gave me the $ to insure...AND we are not sure if we are going to reimbourse you cause this was not properly packed...finally they decided that they will pay the actual cost of the console, NOT TAXES, NO BROKERAGE FEES AND NO SHIPPING FEE's! AND it does not end there :blast: ...As the Seller/shipper is the one who paid the insurance we are sending him the cheque so you will need to deal with him!!!! :af: :af: So this guy ends up with the console, my money that I paid him including shipping and the insurance cheque...at least the guy paid me the the value of the UPS REIMBURSEMENT....I tried collecting taxes back...they sent me packing...deal with the government they said.

    Since then every weekend I dress a mannequin in the back yard with a BROWN uniform, :rant: drink a 12 pack, beat the mannequin with a bat :spank: then set it on fire :af: . All kidding aside, they are crooks! :moonu:
  17. 462CID

    462CID Buick newbie since '89

    In all my time at UPS I did not hear one instance of anyone 'winning' a claim against them for damages or lost packages
  18. Ken Mild

    Ken Mild King of 18 Year Resto's

    So what do you do? Nothing? What did doing nothing ever gain anybody? I'm not a lawyer, but as I said, a class action lawsuit has more power and clout in a case like this. Larger companies than UPS have settled out of court in class action lawsuits. Even they realize it's not worth it after a while.

    Sure, you don't "have" to use them, but what good does that do? Instead of screwing you, they'll just screw someone else.

    I'm not saying they would ever change their way of doing business (i.e. doing everything they can to destroy your package), but the reason they are so careless, is because nobody does anything about it. They just give up.

    I hate UPS. This whole thread is so frustrating because I understand how exasperating it can be. I don't know what else to suggest besides just give up like everybody else and move on.
  19. 65WILDKAT


    I can not belive What I just heard!

    CLAIMED DENIED!!!!!!! They said that they saw no damage to the Item!!!!!!! The Cracked Tab is Right there! you would have to be blind not to be able to see it! plus the scratch mark made by the fork lift running horiztotnal along the Bellhousing! Plus the fact that they won't Deal with me because I am not the Shipper of the Trans :af: ,Now the person that I bought it from has to file a dispute claim, I have heard that NO ONE ever wins those cases! I don't know what to do at this point, I have contacted the Board member and he told me that he will fill out the forms but I have heard that it can take Months for it to be resolved!
    I wonder if it is best to cut my losses and just pay to have it welded? But I am not a quitter and I want to fight but I can't since they won't deal with me due to the fact that I am not the SHIPPER!
    All I want is my Cat to be able to cruze, This really sucks, This is when I get bumed about being handicaped, Because then would have been able to do the trans job myself. How do you start a class action suit?
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  20. Ken Mild

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