twisted or straight.

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    the good news for now is the axles now side in and out with just the normal amount of forces to install and remove them........not having to take a slide hammer to them to remove them.

    the only changes was the removal of the gear set, and than sprung. 010 shim I removed which decreased preload on the carrier bearings.........if I have another shim same thickness I will try to redo this test with he same preload back in it....

    I cant, in my head see how too much bearing preload can cause the axles to be stiff going in and out.

    but it is a relief knowing there are not damaged to the point where its causing the installation/removal issue. hopefully they will continue to be ok till I get the funds to get a beefier setup and are in good enough condition to be resold.

    if anyone has a need for an 8.5 axle assembly with 30 spline full spool and axles, with 4.56 gears, and brand new wilwood 4 pistons caliper set up, TA differential girdle cover, and ARP cap studs, let me know, we will see if we can't make a deal.

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