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    My co workers '02 has had several set as well ? wonder what the deal is ?

    I saw a Brand New 2500HD 6.0 today was 26k for 18k and 0% interest. id prefer a Diesel but at 43k whats the point ???
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    My new 07 duramax has the LLM engine and its terrible on fuel, computor says 17.4 ltrs for 100 kms. The dealer says the computor is not accurate, so i figure its prob more like 18 or 19 ltrs for 100kms....
    I have been averaging 10-12 miles to Canadian gallon, towing or not. My 02 Duramax is probably double that, I'm not impressed with the mileage on the new truck at all. Be thankfull the diesel in the USA is 43K, in Canada that same truck is 65K!!!
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    My '03 Chevy Duramax Crew Cab Dually hauls my 28' Pace enclosed like it's on auto pilot and is a pleasure to tow with compared to my old '87 Suburban 2500 454, but I was a little confused by the mileage that everyone claims to get from their Duramaxes. I think I figured it out though. When I got my truck it had peewee tires on it and I despised them. Besides hating the way they looked, I noticed that when I was flying down the highway (without the trailer) the speedometer was reading 90 mph! I know I was speeding, but that's ridiculous! The next time I drove through a construction zone that had a radar-controlled speed warning sign (the kind that tells you how fast you are going) it told me I was driving 8 mph slower than my speedometer said!! The speed sensor is wrong from the factory, which will cause you to a) slow down, b) think you get better mileage than you really do, and c) run up the miles on your odometer so you wind up out of warranty sooner.
    I put taller tires on my truck (because I like them) and reprogrammed the computer for the correct tire height and, low and behold, when I pass one of those flashing speed warning signs, my speedometer reads exactly the same as the sign! My truck gets 11.5 mpg towing, and that's a legit number. I've clocked it with mile markers on the highway as well and it's on the money. I think there's a bunch of guys out there that aren't getting the mileage they think they are. If the speedometer is off, the computer function for the gas mileage readout on the dash is incorrect as well. I'm still happy with the mileage since it's double what I got with the Suburban!
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    Towing with my '05 chevy 2500HD with duramax, I get about 18-19 unloaded, 15 or so towing the car on an open trailer, and about 12 towing my 30' camper. All hand calculated. I don't trust the DIC in the truck too much. Like Doug said above, it appears to be off. I have mostly corrected it with a Hypertech programmer, which can adjust for different wheels. I currently took off the puny 245/75R16 tires and have 285/70R17 on Hummer wheels.
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    Your mileages all seem about the same as mine, although Engie Bauza said he got 18 with my truck towing his GN home from Salem on an open trailer, back in '06. His tranny went bad on the way out there from eastern PA, so Dave Hanlon lent him his open trailer, I lent him my truck, and he turned right around and towed his car home, returning the next day with his wife's car on the trailer so he'd have a ride home. He said he clocked it going and coming and it was a solid 18 mpg at 72 mph. PA TPK is pretty hilly too, so that's pretty good.
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