Tomahawk Aluminum 455 Buick Block Is Here

Discussion in 'Tomahawk Block Buildups' started by ken betts, Nov 25, 2010.

  1. blown455

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    Re: Tomahawk Aluminum 455 Buick Block

    No I dont run water, We have discussed filling but figured it would just be a band aid most say the problem is their cast heads not billet. What kind of car do you have that will handle that engine.?
  2. ken betts

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    Re: Tomahawk Aluminum 455 Buick Block

    Did anyone buy one of these blocks since Thanksgiving when the production run motors were available for delivery or pick-up, or is anyone getting one for Christmas

    JESUPERCAT No Slow Boat

    I went to see this block of Ken,s last weekend and all I can say is wow:shock:.
    Although many things will need to be figured out, a "SOLID" foundation is now here:TU:
    Ken thanks for the hospitality you and your wife showed my family.
    I can only imagine what the future holds:Brow:
  4. mltdwn12

    mltdwn12 Platinum Level Contributor

    What kind of things still need to be figured out :confused:
  5. blown455

    blown455 Pit crew

    only in very high horsepower apps ..... things like head problems.. under 1500 hp no issues

    JESUPERCAT No Slow Boat

    Craig as said above. You also have so many different directions you can go with this platform. That is what I was mostly referring to.
    A year from now it will be interesting to see all the different approaches to everyone goals with this engine.
  7. ken betts

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    Craig; I waited 5-6 years for a block, I put money up front on the bulldog block, bought a crank and built a car for a 2600 hp + alcohol procharged car. The economy has changed drastically since then, and that block never materialized for me. I have 16 Buicks + personal and business cars, trucks and equipment. You can't take anything to heaven, so you wake up every morning and try to figure out what THINGS are important today. What project gets your attention now. When I ran Kenne-Bell in the 70's and early 80's with Doug Jones we did a lot of THINGS just for fun. Like go to the Drags with his SII car and run 10.60's with a single 4bbl., and listen to the chevy and mopar guys talk about what just happened to them. THINGS have changed a great deal since then and if someone beats you by .001 or .1 mph you have to figure out THINGS to due to get back on top. Now I have a block! Now I can start my top secret project and let everyone else figure out what THINGS I am doing. Most people who buy a block will probably use stock cranks and never worry again about blowing up the motor without main or lifter bore girdles. My block is solid, I have a few THINGS to think about. Anyway you get the point. Good luck and have fun racing. thanks for your interest in Buicks, kenny betts
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    Rod what year is you body? I think I have seen you run but not sure.

    Ken good luck with your projects. Do you know if there are any water jacket blocks left in the first run. I could only use a block with water. You mentioned stock crank and I was giving some tought to possible displacements on my way home from work and ran some numbers to see what would be the out come. Am I correct they come with 4.5 bores? Grinding the crank to 4.0 stroke and going .030 over ends up at a 515, is that about what most are shooting for?

    Jim N.
  9. badbuik

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    From what I was told after I got mine, there were 8-10 unclaimed blocks, with water jackets, TA Mike said theses blocks actually don't hold much water. And pretty sure all of this run have the 3 inch main bearings, I was going to stay with the stock 3.25 mains, but Mike said it was just easier to do the whole run with the 3 in.. Regarding cubic inches, the block bore is ready to hone out to 4.350, 500ci. is easy, or more just step up and buy a $2800 crank, with the stroke you want. I'm going with a 4.375 bore, pistons and ring prices for this bore are somewhat more common and will not cost "stupid" money, Scott Brown and I talked a lot about combination, I already have a new Moldex with 3.95 stroke, so mine will be a 475 ci. motor.
    Gary G.
  10. blown455

    blown455 Pit crew

    my body is a 91 regal, I used to run a silver 78 skyhawk,,, Unfortunately ta does not offer a block you can put your stock stuff in, my friend was wanting to buy one but then he realized he had to change everything..he opted out..
  11. dingo hat guy

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    What heads will you be using ? I currently do not know of any one making a head to support that kind of power!
  12. DaWildcat

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    This has already been discussed previously in this thread. Welcome aboard.

  13. buickapollo455

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    some one with money get this into production!!!! We all need 3000 hp on the street. PINKS anyone? let see a PINKS champ this year in a BUICK
  14. blown455

    blown455 Pit crew

    First off no make (Ford, Chevy..etc) has 3000 hp on the street. But, If you could do this... "PINKS" ...REALLY...that would be your #1 goal? To go race for a 5ft tall dork, who is in love with himself, knows nothing about cars, and can't ride a motorcycle!?!
  15. StfSocal

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    :gp: HAHAHAHAHA, sooooo true!!!!
  16. bob k. mando

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    But, If you could do this... "PINKS" ...REALLY...that would be your #1 goal? To go race for a 5ft tall dork, who is in love with himself, knows nothing about cars, and can't ride a motorcycle!?!

    while i can't gainsay your assessment of Rich, you can't argue that a Buick blowing out the competition and a couple of these wouldn't be some of the best advertising the Buick community/TA has ever had.

    full disclosure: when Pinks comes on, i change the channel away from Speed.
  17. ken betts

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    yeah I watched pinks a couple times early on, then a few days ago I checked it out to see them give the win to a chevy who lost 3 out of 4 times for opinionated technicalities that were clearly bogus. They just couldn't stand to see anything but a chevy win. We'll I won't be watching that again. ken
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    Rod I agree but I think you need a vacation you seem stressed!:bglasses: :grin:
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