The great nailhead intake comparison

Discussion in ''Da Nailhead' started by 66gsconv, Mar 12, 2013.

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    Hopefully in the next year I can convince Don to pull the trigger on the flow bench project. Then we will see what we can do with the Q-Jet intake as well. As a matter of fact, I have a sacrificial one with the broken off hold down tab. Will be a good test subject while I am running the other one on the car. Lots of potential for the Nailhead, just got to get in there and find it.
  2. gsgtx

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    Gessler ported my eelco 2x4 looks like a mild porting work, its flows real close to the 1x4 square bore Bob did for me. I will post the numbers from his flow sheet he gave me. that's how we got talking about the Q- jet intake numbers.
  3. gs66

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    You guys have some great looking intakes. Very interesting to read and hopefully learn.
  4. Bigpig455

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    Bob had some heavy weather come through last night..... You make out OK, Bob?
  5. gsgtx

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    heres the stock eelco 2x4 and then with Gessler porting work.

  6. 66gsconv

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    I am stll here, computer is down so i have to use my phone. Its a pain in the rear so i wont be saying much for awhile.....which might be a good thing:shock:
  7. Bigpig455

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    Glad to hear it - I already have teams headed out your way and to Texas - not everyone was as lucky....
  8. snake

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    I will be using a repop of the Star Wars air cleaner in aluminum with a K&M filter on the 7024420 q jet . The Star Wars air air cleaner was developed for the q jet on a big block buick.
  9. Bigpig455

    Bigpig455 Fastest of the slow....

    Those are very cool air cleaners
  10. 66gsconv

    66gsconv nailhead apprentice

    I am still working in tulsa, 6-12s. Only home for 24 hours on sunday. This sucks but i have to pay the bills. Later this summer i have some numbers to post. Andy, i havent forgot your exh. Piece. Sorry its taken so long. Rhett, all i can say is give it plenty of air them big barrels will be sucking.:eek2:
  11. 66gsconv

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    Calling Rhett,.. got any pictures of the intake? I do have a few but cant do anything with them at this time. Going home tonight till i go back tomorow night. No time to post any pictures. It might sound like a bunch of crap but my goal with these intakes is to try and keep fuel in main airstream better with less fuel air seperation. Might be why its revving quicker. Also getting a little more air through. Its not rocket science but it is interesting stuff and fun to try and work on. I was real happy to see Joes 1x4 holding power on past 5000. I didnt just dig them out everywhere, just certain spots. Its on going work
  12. 66gsconv

    66gsconv nailhead apprentice

    Also rhett, i used to love flipping the air lid and hear them q-jets open up. I would love to hear the sound yours is making. They are fun to stomp to the floor :TU:
  13. CameoInvicta

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    You think that sounds wicked? Route ram air ducts to the cowl, and open the floor vents. You'll practically go deaf! I'll have to take a video sometime, it sounds ridiculous.
  14. Bigpig455

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    I'm here! I haven't been on a lot recently, been kinda busy. The new intake is on the car, and like I said it's awesome...Wish I'd have made the track Memorial day but the best laid plans.....

    Like I've said elsewhere, the huge plenum of this thing has killed a lot of torque and put the power much farther up the RPM range, it really starts to come on at about 3k....and it makes a fantastic sound at secondary transition like ripping fabric (again, there's no other way to describe it). But I've also found it's very sensitive to air at this point. On a cool morning I almost get all my torque back, and on hot thick days the car really feels about 500 lbs heavier.

    My hybrid 800 cfm Q-Jet needed some A/F dialing in that I haven't had time for, But you've got to love the finish work that Ken from Everyday Performance did for me... it looks like it's right out of the box circa 1979. In the meantime I've got my trusty 750 on there now and everything seems VERY happy together. And I've tried to show a pic of my current air cleaner set up too. I ran a loop of 3/8 fuel hose under the filter in the base which gives me maybe 1/2 inch of open air intake above the air cleaner body.

    I was able to take some pictures of my q-jet intakes side by side, and you can really see Bob's workmanship. What doesn't really show in the pics is the smooth transitions of the port floors and the texturing Bob did. It's beautiful, and must have taken some time. You can also see the effort spent port matching, which I cant take advantage of until I get into the motor Tom is building.

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  15. 66gsconv

    66gsconv nailhead apprentice

    Andy, i would love to hear that. That is why i dont have a steroe in my car i love to hear the engine note.Rhett, just wondering if you think the new intake gave a boost in performance over your other q-jet in picture? I hope its not just making a bunch of noise. We have to find a way to get a little low in back. Got a 1/2 inch 4 hole carb adaptor? Somthing to think about. You can get them from summit for about 15 dollars. Thats what i use, i have a 4 hole and open both in half inch. I did throw the open on your intake while i had it flowing on a head and didnt pick up any cfm. It does pick up cfm on my sqaure bore. Must be the size of the q-jet plnum is big enough to handle the air transition at carb pad. 4 hole might get back a little response. Thanks for the kind words on the intake work. What i have noticed is the plenum work helps it get a bigger drink of fuel but not really more cfm through the valve. There are other areas that need atention to get more cfm through the valve. Tom t. Got me started looking at the head work and trying to squeze out cfm. Naailhead nut once to told me to save my beer mony and have someone port my intake there was no way i could do that, i get pretty thirsty sometimes. It made me take a look at these intakes which are not bad for factory. Thanks for the ideas you two. Got home last night and did some hony dos and getting ready to leave for another week of 12 hour days in Tulsa.gotta go....
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  16. Bigpig455

    Bigpig455 Fastest of the slow....

    A quick update - This manifold did NOT kill as much torque as I thought!

    Had some time to myself today, so I began to try to dial in the hybrid 17059247 Quadrajet I built (800CFM, 79 Buick 350 carb)... had been e-mailing back and forth with Ken from Everyday performance about it, I wasn't happy with the off idle throttle response...opened the lower idle air bleeds and idle channel restriction per Kens advice and it idled great but broke up under off idle load - ran great on the power circuit and into the secondaries though.... Just wouldn't launch.

    I got disgusted and threw my trusty old 7041304 66 Nailhead service replacement carb back on, and it was doing it too....!

    I knew that carb was good, so I started checking the electrical and found that the coil terminal in my distributor cap was slowly melting itself, and the coil wire had a lot of was killing low RPM/ High cyl pressure spark. Would run great from 1200 RPMS and up, just not off idle, and looks like it had been doing it for a while (I couldn't pull better than 15.2 at my last track day back in April) . Replaced the cap and coil wire, and it's like a new car!

    So most all the low end torque I thought Joe's manifold had killed is back....from a 10 mph roll on the street I can now leave 20ft of scratch (ltd slip, 3.23's) ..Cause only posers do burnouts from a standstill!

    Hey, that's not bad!
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  17. telriv

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    Like I almost always say when there's an elusive problem, "Go back to the basics & use the "KISS" principal". Hopefully I gave you some ideas Rhett to where & start looking.

    Tom T.
  18. Bigpig455

    Bigpig455 Fastest of the slow....

    I was hearing your voice.........
  19. 66gsconv

    66gsconv nailhead apprentice

    Hi Rhett, Glad your getting it together. Them kind of problems drive me crazy....This is the intake you sent me right? Man am I glad you got back your bottom end. When ever you get to the track I hope the intake is worth at least a tenth or two over your other intake. I have talked to a couple of guys on here and we, mostly me are wondering how a stock engine likes the intake. I like the burn outs from a roll also. Last time I was out 3rd gear would burn rubber till I let off. :laugh: Gotta get it back together:laugh::laugh:
  20. Bigpig455

    Bigpig455 Fastest of the slow....

    Hey Bob!

    Yep, that's the intake you did....I'll probably hit the track in late September, life is kinda gonna be a blur until then. Tom is gonna try to make it up with me, so maybe he can help me squeeze another couple 10th's out too. The car pulls real strong now, it was just gradually losing power and I never really noticed until I started getting the misfire. I still think that the power curve has shifted with that plenum volume, but that may actually help with the launch. With good air (and a tailwind!) we might be able to hit 14.5 on the stock block with just induction and ignition mods.

    I understand you're back home, so hope the rest of your summer goes well and you can get your car back on the road. Days go by too quick.

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