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  1. 12.0 wagon

    12.0 wagon Grocerys optional

    First I will have to change my handle from 12.0 Wagon to 11.60 or better wagon. My thanks is to Tim for handling the majority of my orders and Mike for talking to me for some time about the options I had for heads. So the short of it is this, Great products PERIOD. I ended up with stage 2 heads sp1 intake headers and many associated parts . I was replacing iron 430 small valve heads with these. On a summer day hear in New England I would have expected 12.teens @109.8 with the old combo. First pass 11.60 @ 115.6 with much tuning ahead of me let alone cool fall days when the air is great .Thanks guys :3gears:

    JESUPERCAT No Slow Boat

    Great to hear:3gears:
    Where in Maine are you?
    We will be out a few times this fall. Hope to be to New England dragway a few times also.
    Let us know the next time your going out.
    As for Tim at TA he has always been a great help.:beer
    Congrats again on the new best....
  3. 12.0 wagon

    12.0 wagon Grocerys optional

    As it stands right now Sunday sept 25th. at New England Dragway for Camsnappers nostalgia meet
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    69GS400s own amusement ride!

    Nice !! impressive increase without tuning

    Lets see pics !!

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