TH350 / 200R4 swap summary

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  1. Tricolor72

    Tricolor72 Well-Known Member

    The parts for the trans rebuild are being ordered tomorrow (today I suppose now:eek2:) and this thread is going to be my checklist! I'll definitely take pictures of everything Ken mentions in this thread to help illustrate what has to be done. I can definitely say I am excited to have a nice firm shifting trans that will also allow me to drive at a sane rpm range while cruising. Plus I am going from 2.73s to 3.73s. Wonder if I will notice:3gears:
  2. techg8

    techg8 The BS GS

    With this CQ trans and my 4:11 rear with P275/60R15s

    I was cruising the highway 70mph at about 2500rpm. The OD is saving me somewhere in the 500-700rpm range

    thats without lockup - I havent wired it yet on this trans
  3. Oldskewl59

    Oldskewl59 Silver Level contributor

    Thanks for the time you took for this thread. Overdrive is an upgrade worth lots of consideration.
  4. 67skylark27

    67skylark27 Brett Jaloszynski

    Very good info here. I will chime in too as I just finished the swap. I went from a st300 to a 200-4r from an 87 monte carlo ss. It was a tremendous improvement to say the least. I equate it to adding 60 horsepower. I used the b&m kit and found some important information to pass along when putting a 200-4r in an older car. The brake switch is used to kick off the lock up. My brake switch has a 12v source coming in and a white wire going back to the brake lights. Lights are grounded to the body in the back. So.....hooking up the yellow wire on the kit to the brake switch I have is useless. I purchased a new four terminal brake light switch from autozone dr497. It has both types of switches in it. One set that is always open and one that is always closed... until you hit the pedal, then it breaks the 12v source for the lockup solenoid in the tranny. Good luck, hope this helps too! For anyone searching to this swap, this is what I have in the car: 1967 Skylark with a 300ci v-8 and a rochester 2gc 2 barrel carb. I had the st300 2 speed Super Turbine transmission. My low band was completely shot which put the swap in motion. I had to add a TV cable pin and "lever" onto the carb linkage and put in an adjustable bracket. Somewhat time consuming but I pulled linkage off carbs at the pick and pull and added it onto my carb with the proper geometry. I just kept increasing the distance of the tv cable from the carb to increase pressure for the shift points. The monte carlo trans I got has the built up hardened parts already in it so should be plenty reliable for my 220 hp 310lbs torque motor. Cost me under 500 bucks for everything I needed. I do intend on adding an adjustable vacuum switch to aid in driveability while in/out of lock up.
  5. Tricolor72

    Tricolor72 Well-Known Member

    Tore down my trans today and to my excitement its a czf trans out of a monte ss!:Brow: Hopefully not too much governor modding here.
  6. idahoskylark

    idahoskylark idahoskylark

    ya mines a czf from an 86 mc ss also
    im hoping no mods will be needed im just gonna change the front and rear seals and filter and see what happens
    put on a 1" carb spacer today think i have about 1/4 hood clearance now
    my cables wont work with the tci bracket (must have wrong throttle cable on car?) so i made a bracket to hold the tv separately
    so it looks like we have to "make " our own nss to work on on a column shift huh suprised no aftermarket one yet??
    how about the prndl can I change it or do I just adjust so it goes down below 1 id rather pull out and make my own letters
    wish i could find me a 355 or 373 close by to put in at same time. that is why i bought the trans , so i could get low gears
  7. techg8

    techg8 The BS GS

    the column shift will just pull the PRND21 indicator down below the 1 when selecting manual 1
  8. techg8

    techg8 The BS GS

    another few Buick Qjet cores with the TV arm in stock form

    17057248 1977 Buick 350 Lesabre? Riv?
    7045246 1975 Buick 350
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  9. techg8

    techg8 The BS GS

    A couple shots of a Buick Qjet that came from the factory with the TV arm and is 200-4R capable.

    This is the 17057241

    I also have the throttle cable bracket which incorporates the TV bracket - mounts to the manifold. I will try to get a pic of it.

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  10. Tricolor72

    Tricolor72 Well-Known Member

    Just finished my swap and I am very happy with how smoothly things went. Still have stock NSS even though I shifted into manual first a few times, shifts seem firm in manual but This converter stalls so high it seems to soften the firmness of the shifts. The 2.73 gears don't help either so 3.73s are going in tomorrow:laugh:

    Car is definitely noticeably snappier with the converter and extra gear in 1st and second as well as the precise on demand shifts.

    Definitely a bolt in swap if you stay on top of all the needed parts
  11. techg8

    techg8 The BS GS

    The 3.73s will make a difference in the "chirpiness" of the shift as well.

    I just returned to 3.08s after removing the 4:10s and it softened things up just a little.

    Congrats on the successful swap!
  12. Tricolor72

    Tricolor72 Well-Known Member

    Thank you! This thread definitely kept me from having to scratch my head while installing this trans and made it seem like a factory option it fit so well
  13. techg8

    techg8 The BS GS

    BBB Eddie intake and TV cable arm/bracket

    Just another FYI update to this thread:

    I had occasion to mock up a correct TV/detent Buick throttle arm on a Big Block Buick 455 Edelbrock Performer intake, to see about the clearance issues.

    In this pic, you can see that .5" spacer and 2x.125" gasket was required for the Qjet rear-mounted TCI cable bracket to clear the "pedestals" on the Eddie intake.

    This can cause issues with air cleaner height and hood clearance, especially if you are running a GS air cleaner.

    If you were to cut the pedestals on the intake down, and maybe trim the cable bracket a little, it will bring the carb back down a bit. Far enough? I dont know I havent tried it YET. a

    t the very least, the Edelbrock intake does not have TVarm clearance issues.

  14. knucklebusted

    knucklebusted Well-Known Member

    Re: BBB Eddie intake and TV cable arm/bracket

    I have ground mine off and had it powder coated. You can't tell it ever had a boss for the bracket. I'm going to see how it goes on mine. If anything, I'll use a thick gasket and spacers between the carb and bracket to get some clearance.

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  15. Ken Warner

    Ken Warner Stand-up Philosopher

    I'm in the planning stage to swap in a TH2004R myself and noticed that the pedestal for the stabilizing "finger" coming off the factory throttle bracket was going to be in the way on my SP1 intake. Would seem like a 1in riser would solve the problem but while that's a fine strategy with the Edelbrock or factory intake it's not rally an option wih the SP1 if you want to keep the factory hood. I'm figuring I will have to trim the outboard pedestal. If someone has pictures of how they did this with an SP1 I'd like to see them.
  16. jaystoy

    jaystoy Well-Known Member

    Re: BBB Eddie intake and TV cable arm/bracket

    Wow, that powder coated intake is beautiful Greg! I am in the same boat also. Ken, thanks VERY much for posting the picture and taking the guess work out for us. I am mid swap now as my trans is done and Ken is currently swapping my 3.23 gears for 3.73. With the Eddy intake now, my snorkel air cleaner is tight with the hood closed. Running 3/4 spacer under the carb I am afraid will simply make the air cleaner set-up to tight. Won't work. A few people here on the board I see have had great success running the TV cable directly to a th350 style gas pedal. I think I would like to attempt this before I start modifying my intake and air cleaner.
  17. techg8

    techg8 The BS GS

    Re: BBB Eddie intake and TV cable arm/bracket

    nice job! cant even tall the boss was there!

    Edit: spacers/washers between the carb and the bracket to lift the bracket and not the carb is a very good idea! thanks!
  18. knucklebusted

    knucklebusted Well-Known Member

    Re: BBB Eddie intake and TV cable arm/bracket

    Yeah, I just need to get off my butt and get it together.
  19. buicks

    buicks Well-Known Member

    Regarding shift points, is there a stock one that is plug and play for a 72 Skylark? As far as, if it is in good condition or is stock rebuilt for the donor car and you would not like to break it open or pay to have it custom built?
  20. hobbby

    hobbby Well-Known Member

    I'm curious what people are doing for a TCC vacuum switch and where you get it.

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