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Discussion in 'The whoa and the sway.' started by offbrand Racing, Sep 30, 2004.

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    Does anybody know what the mounting height difference of the outter tie rods is between a stock A body spindle and an F/B body tall spindle? My ride height lowered about an inch, so would it be an inch or ?

    I am thinking of machining new steering arms (the ones that bolt to the spindle) to solve any bumpsteer issues I incounter w/ the conversion.


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    Thanks for the link. However, I have already done the conversion and didn't use GW arms so I am hestitate to call them w/ my questions. I am hoping that someone here will know how much lower the outside ball joint is w/ the tall spindles. Time will tell.

    Did you ever put that mallory pump to use you bought from me? If so, how is it working out?


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    I wouldn't worry about where you bought the stuff. I think it's Steve I usually talk to and he's been real good. If there's more you might need you can fill the guilt by purchasing something from GW later on. Why not ask the experts? Not that there might not be an expert here.

    I put the pump on last Saturday after mine failed (on the road). Sure glad I had it but I'm going with JWs mechanical Stage 1 next Spring and lose the electric stuff. I'll keep the -8 lines and big Mallory filter but will move it to the frame rail and out of sight so all that will be visible from the back of the car is the tank sump and a couple -8 braided teflon lines. I didn't run a return line on the Mallory and I think that contributed to it's short life. But the purchase price of yours was cheap after installing it 50 miles from home. My buddy couldn't believe I had a spare with me.

    I'll be running with it in Vegas next weekend so that's about all I need out of it.
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    425 Dual Quad Restoring 65 'Lark - help


    I've got a set of '81 Le Sabre B body spindles to go on my '65 Skylark and big block 67 Camaro springs. I've also got a set of shortened upper arms from Spartan and a machined Camaro lower ball joint to go in the stock lower arm. Track rod ends I've been advised on 78-88 Pontiac Grand Prix ones.

    I'm planning to bolt the lot together soom so I'll let you know what the angles look like.

    best regards
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    If you get a chance please compare the A body spindle to the B body set and see how much lower the outter tie rod mounts.

    Gary, sorry to hear about your failure but I am glad that you had a spare. FYI - I got JW billet pump in place of my electric, no problems or noise. It is great. :3gears:

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    Let us know what you find out. I am also interested in the bump steer issue. Going to see if some of the guys at Kettering University can take this on as a project.

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