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  1. Jim Weise

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    If your stepping up to a 4.75 stroke, then the 3" mains make sense. And I certainly would go with the bigger cam bearings, and a hyd or solid roller. No real advantage to the bigger mains, other than being able to put a stock crank in it, and you don't need to go smaller in a big inch motor, you won't be turning it that hard anyway.

    Mike is building that motor for his GSX.. should be a torque monster. Although I feel that the bigger inch can't be supported to high rpm for a NA race car setup with currently available heads, it should be killer on the street. I would select a moderately sized cam and make it killer in the mid range. Something along the lines of a 260* .650" roller.

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    Thank you Jim.
  3. killrbuick66455

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    Soo..What is the build up going to be With your new TA block ??
  4. badbuik

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    OK, here's "my build", much thought went into building a great combination, I wanted to do a 500 ci. motor, but was talked out of it because my stg. 2 TE heads just don't have enough surface area to support 500 inches. I just had them reworked, and they are awesome, but 500 ci is alot of motor to be feed thru what I'd call a good small block chevy head.. So I already have a brand new Moldex crank, with a 3.95 stroke, and 7 in. GRP aluminum rods, 4.375 bore, CP nitrous pistons and "bulletproof" nitrous pins and rings, thanks to Scott Brown at Competition Components. The motor will be 475ci's, 13 to 1 compression, roller cammmed, nitrous chuging BEAST! Motor should make well over 750 horse, and I'm ditching my nitrous express plate system in favor of a pro race fogger set up. That system is good for 250 to 600 horse of nitrous, so with the aluminum block, and all the "goodies" this motor will be able to take whatever I can give it! I'm figuring 300 shot of nitrous, the goal is to get my convertible to run in the 8.60 to 8.40 second range in the quarter mile. I cant wait!! My Xmas list will be more goodies from TA Performance so I can succeed with my Beast Build.
    The cat is out of the bag!
    Gary G.
  5. offbrand Racing

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    Sounds like a fun project! I cannot wait to see what it does on the hose.

    How much tire do you have under that 65?
  6. badbuik

    badbuik Well-Known Member

    I run 29.5 x 10.5stiff on 15 x 10 w/6.5 bs rims. The frame has been notched, and mini tubbed.
    Gary G.
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  8. BUICK528

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    :TU: very interesting..
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    Still in the middle of getting my ideas together for the new block. Talked to Mike about a week or so ago and found out exactly the specs on what he has and how many. Think I know how big and what I will use for most of the parts. Will have to go with the Crower crank and will finish the bore a litlte smaller than I had first planned. Realizing this is going to take more time than I had thought. Also had not planned on the Ford size cam journal but I think all the blocks have it. That will mean another cam and the time to get it done special. Trying an angle to get some sponsor money but will most likely be out of old Jim's pocket.
    JIm N.
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  10. staged70

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    Quick prediction TA block stuffed with all the goodies and making north of 600hp will make short work of most any 4 spd transmission. Might have to look into a Viper trans? What kind would you run. I think an old top loader from a BBF might last a while but they are cast iron.
  11. boattail bill

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    Hi Jim,
    If you need the 55mm roller bearing roller cam with the Ford front snout, I did a special order and have them on hand now. Mine have an LS-1 firing order. These are cam blanks with big enough lobes to grind as radical a profile as you want. I've decided to let them go for $725 each plus shipping, so if this is what you need, you could get one NOW. :TU:
  12. 69GS400s

    69GS400s ...my own amusement ride!

    Is Long Island close to being local ?!?!? :puzzled:
  13. Jim Weise

    Jim Weise 1000+HP

    Nice try... :puzzled:

    That one is already a local MN guys..

    Funny, my machinist, after spending half an hour flipping the block around and checking it all out, looked up at me and asked "is this yours, or a customer's.."

    My reply..

    "I have to get a better job to afford toys like this" :ball:

    FWIW... this guy is very familiar with all the aftermarket Blocks on the market, and he ranked this new block right up there with the best ones out there. He must have said "this guy really did his homework" half a dozen times. He noted that it was actually thicker in the rear main web/bellhousing area than a KB Hemi block. He was very impressed, to say the least.

    He's an olds guy with 30+ years of experience with all types of high performance engines, from Street to Pro Stock/Mod type pieces. They build a lot of NHRA Stock and Super Stock stuff.

    One of his buddies was there with him, and was giving him crap about having to become a Buick Man now.. which he didn't rule out.

    And yes, dribble bibs were passed out.


  14. slimfromnz

    slimfromnz Kiwi Abroad

    I have a few of the pureist Buick guys here in Oz waiting with anticipation.
  15. Cellguy

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    Ok, I'm going to show how much of a newbie I am.. I thought there were guys out there running over 500 cubic inch iron motors with stage 2 TE heads? Why can't your heads work? Would stage 3 heads work better? Was it because of bore size? Man a guy can get really lost once he choose's to build a motor for the low 9 second range. I know I am. :confused:
  16. bad-buford

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    Hope you are enjoying the car. As far as the heads flow vs engine displacement go: A general rule is; head flow in CFMs will support xxx number of HP on a N/A engine. As a rough planning number double your CFM and that is the amount of HP that the heads will support(many other factors...just an example). 350 CFM supports 700 for example. Now on a 500" engine let's say you will make peak power at 6500rpms. In you take the same heads on a 427" engine you now make peak power at 7500 rpms. Those extra 1000 rpms will allow you to run more gear, more mechanical advantage= fast car in the 1/4. Now this is just a basic theory. There are hundreds of factors that can play into this, cam, VE of the engine, intake, timing and such, but you should have a better understanding now. If I did not add to the confusion.
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  17. Craig Balzer

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    I have known about Paul Cangialosi for several years as he designed/makes a 5 speed tranny for Jaguar XK-E's that fits in the 4-speed space. He cut his teeth on Muncie Transmissions and has 30 years experience building transmissions

    He has redesigned the M20/21/22 case and innards to handle lots of HP. He has an extension web-site but the page about these new Muncie's is here: http://www.5speeds.com/newm22.html

    72 V12 XK-E Convertible 4 speed
    71 V12 XK-E 2+2 Coupe automatic
  18. gmcgruther

    gmcgruther Well-Known Member

    This is for Mr. Weise, Why hasn't there been a head developed with splayed valves and high ports or just with high ports? I'll be lookin at some billet cylinder head makers and seeing what can be done, I'll be attending Darin Morgan class on cylinders heads and engines also going to Joe Mondello's cylinder head porting school. I have drawings of a Ford F.E. Canted valve head way before they were going to make one but never went forward with it, now I will be doing Buick a big favor on doing some major research, I'm not partial on a brand(Ford,Chevy,Dodge and etc.) I love challenges and Buick just caught my heart big time. My Uncle has been a Buick lover seen he was 14 and now his 58 and several big block 455 St1's builds under his belt, he want's me to see what I can do with stock stuff, I done built simple several Chevy's and Fords to 1000+ hp and he wants me to see what I can do, I have tons of tricks to try and I know Buicks are different and low revin engines, but there are other alternatives on making power, coatings, missin with valve angles, sheet metal intakes, etc. I can't wait to see whats comin for cylinder heads.
  19. gmcgruther

    gmcgruther Well-Known Member

    becarefull on that cfm stuff, Darin Morgan busted that theory, look at some of the heads he made, some of the are smaller in cfm department but omg in the velocity department. Thats why I'm going to Reher/Morrison to Darin Morgan class, he explains everything to you and then some. here check this out...darinmorgan.com Scroll down and read what he is teachin and see what people are sayin about the class, please don't say it does'nt pretain to buicks either because he just did the Ford cylinder head in nhra the non hemi head. It took only a yr for him to that, now imagine what he can do for the buick if he had time and the money to do the work?
  20. RonJ

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    Good Job Gary.
    I cant wait to see it GO

    Ron J

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