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Discussion in 'TA Performance' started by johnwwjr, Jul 15, 2011.

  1. johnwwjr

    johnwwjr Founders Club Member

    I just received my 464 BBB from TA Performance yesterday and felt it was worth a post here. I was really blown away with what I received.

    I placed the order late last year and provided Tim and Mike some very lightweight specs on what I wanted, basically a strong streetable motor based on the 455. They showed a very high level of service and professionalism going over every aspect of what I needed, and answering every question I had.

    I had a chance to see the motor at their shop in the late winter when I was headed west to see my oldest son near LA. They had it mounted in a rigged up engine stand and it sounded very good and healthy. I asked for a custom fit dipstick to be put in, since the motor would be used primarily on the street. Mike took the time to do a great custom fit with the headers that are planned to be used, so I shouldn't have much of a problem doing the install in the car.

    The quality of completed job is astounding. Everything appears clean, unscratched, even the fasteners. Basically, it looks perfect, even after being run for 30min. on the test stand. I didn't really pay that much attention at that time when I saw it running, but after checking it out thoroughly at home, the care and attention to detail that these guys have is really outstanding.

    The motor comes fully documented in a booklet that is specific to my engine. Even the picture on the cover is of my motor, not a general shot of some of their prior work. Every aspect of the build is fully documented, including block prep, head work and flow bench testing, camshaft specs (Mike suggested a TA roller vs flat tappet), even the connecting rod specs.

    The shipping crate itself is a work of art, so to speak. Very well thought out and very well put together.

    Many, many thanks to you Mike, Tim, Santos, Sherri and the who TA Performance team out there in Scottsdale. A class act all the way. I would not at all hesitate to recommend them for anyone's engine build.

    I have attached pictures of the motor, documentation and crating below.

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  2. cstanley-gs

    cstanley-gs Silver Mist

  3. PaulGS

    PaulGS Well-Known Member

    TA has a great reputation.

    Nice to hear about a vendor that exceeds expectations.

    Motor looks great!
  4. speedtigger

    speedtigger 9 Second Club

    That is a beautiful thing.
  5. 73-462GS

    73-462GS GS Mike

    Nice to hear they are doing it right. Congratulations on your new engine! Mike D.
  6. Chuck Avery

    Chuck Avery Gold Level Contributor

    That engine is pretty enough to be on a magazine cover! Congrats!!
  7. johnwwjr

    johnwwjr Founders Club Member

    Everyone, thanks for the kudos. Mike and Co. did a great job. If I can get the rest of this together and do half as good, I would be happy.
  8. brmorr

    brmorr Well-Known Member

    Looks awesome. What spark wire loom holders did they use on that? I need a set for my car and those look great!!!

  9. nelson20

    nelson20 Well-Known Member

    I have those, TA Performance sells them.
  10. TABuickMike

    TABuickMike Michael Tomaszewski Jr

    TA 1819B 400-430-455 Billet aluminum wire loom kit, fits 7 & 8 mm ........ $59.95
  11. trisheildfan

    trisheildfan Well-Known Member

    Wow.....That mill looks great....1st class packaging & documentation...:TU:

    Those billet looms fit the 350? If not available....what extra holes and/or mods are required to install??
  12. johnwwjr

    johnwwjr Founders Club Member

    Check out the TA catalog on their website. Pg 131 has the wire loom sets. Says the SBB billet looms are for 215, 300 & 340, not 350. TA may be able to give you a mod to get them to fit.
  13. staged2ny

    staged2ny Silver Level contributor

    looks great really nice work.. whats the hp tq ? if you dont mind...
  14. johnwwjr

    johnwwjr Founders Club Member

    TA doesn't have a dyno. Mike T. said that they delivered a motor very close to another customer that was dyno'ed at just over 600 HP with torque in the upper 500's. I am assuming that mine is between 570 to 580 with torque about the same. I think that I have less CR than the other motor. Mine is at about 10.3, the other was somewhat higher, like over 11:1. When I have the car done, I know a shop with a chassis dyno. I will do some fine tuning and get the RWHP numbers. I
  15. TABuickMike

    TABuickMike Michael Tomaszewski Jr

    The billet wire looms are attached on the valve cover using the valve cover bolts, the problem is that the 350 valve cover bolt locations are different. I've been pondering on how to make or modify something so I can use a set on my engine too. If I come up with something I'll post it.
  16. deenice

    deenice buick lesabre 1975

    how much you paid for that setup?
  17. johnwwjr

    johnwwjr Founders Club Member

  18. dirtymoose

    dirtymoose Collin - 70 Buick GS 455

    mike, i have been looking at your headers and was thinking about grabbing a pair of shorties. i see that they come raw instead of ceramic coated, is this because they need some fitting before installation? i was also thinking about new valve covers and an intake to let my edelbrock 700 sing. i have a few places around town that do ceramic coating.

    1970 Buick GS 455
  19. dl7265

    dl7265 No car then Mopar



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