Switch Pitch in a ‘64 Riviera

Discussion in ''Da Nailhead' started by 64xp715, Feb 20, 2019.

  1. GranSportSedan

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    I think the passages cast into the case in the valve body area are different in 64 vs 65 and later. I have a bare 65 case I can take pictures of if you want to compare
  2. bigcat

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    Thanks, I have a few cores myself. Studying my books and service manuals it looks possible. I don't want to lead anyone a stray. If someone has tried this before and it doesn't work I would like to learn from their experience.
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  3. LARRY70GS

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    I have always heard that the 64 was stand alone different in a number of ways that make it incompatible with later valve bodies and other parts.
  4. telriv

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    Larry is correct!!!!
  5. bigcat

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    Getting back
    Did you get a chance to try this transmission out before you installed it? I rebuilt the 65 trans I put in my 64 before installing. While the fluid didn't look bad there was quite a bit of rust in the valve body. Something to think about. Ken
  6. doc

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    I have 3 of those transmissions....:D
  7. bigtorque5

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    the 64 is a crossover trans,all by itself
  8. doc

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    kind of like , everybody thinks the trans that was behind the 300 engine is a power glide because it was a 2 speed.... but it aint.... ;);)
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  9. Schurkey

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    The '64 TH400 (Super Turbine 400) has a one-year valve body...for a "400"

    A similar valve body was used in the TH425 front-drive variant, and those were switch-pitch in '66 and '67 model year. A shift kit for a 425 works in a '64 400.

    IF (big IF) the case of the '64 has the proper drillings, it should be possible to convert it to switch-pitch. I don't know if the case is compatible.

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