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  1. Ray

    Ray Well-Known Member

    Can anyone tell me what a 1972 sun coupe and a 1971 sun coupe are worth if they need lots of work are they valuable
  2. Ray

    Ray Well-Known Member

    My mistake there both 1972 and he’s asking 3500 for one and 2000 for the other
  3. BUICK/3

    BUICK/3 Well-Known Member

    Post up some pictures if you have any......I can tell you that I sold this one about a year and a half ago for less than those two combined. I had it for about 18 years and after storing it for 15 years, the guy that bought it didn't bring a trailer hopped in it and drove it to Worcester about 150+ miles away at 75mph average with no issues he said.
    I personally thought I'd get more for it. Had a lot of tire kickers...
    It was in good daily driver condition original paint with about 90k original miles on it.
    20171014_101826_resized.jpg 20170419_113910_resized_3.jpg 20170419_113238_resized_1.jpg

    Good luck.

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