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Discussion in ''Da Nailhead' started by Bigpig455, Feb 9, 2019.

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    yes 100.00 each. just measured an a used set of fel-pro 7922 pt1 they compress to .037 thick. .007 less then the best brand head gasket.
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    If they make gaskets for the BBB platform, they can make them for the N/H platform because its the same bolt pattern and bore sizes, the only difference would be possibly how the coolant passage holes are cut in them.
  3. Bigpig455

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    Thats OK because I'm looking for options that typically would use a copper application - I think the thinnest composite they offer in a pattern they DO have is .027.
    I also talked to Hussey, said they would make them if you sent them a template and an additional 200.00 engineering fee over the cost of the gaskets themselves..that might make sense if you were in a jamb (and they can offer a wider array of thicknesses) but there are still better options here..
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    455 pattern is close to, but not identical the Nailhead.... you can slot the 455 bolt holes to line up with the NH. An doesn't the NH have another row of bolts at the bottom?
  5. Bigpig455

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    The nailheads do - that was Doc's big beef with the BBB, without that 5th bolt they often blew headgaskets, or did for him anyway
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  6. Bigpig455

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    So back to work on the engine today - last things we did was dial in crank thrust, started dropping in pistons and checking deck clearance and degreed the cam.

    The CamCraft cam was pretty well ground, only a half a degree off (installed at 109.5 off a target of 110) and all the events and lobe lift were good.Cam and Crank spin free and beautiful.

    We wound up with .009 deck clearance actual from a projected .010. If we put the thing together dry we might have gotten .010 but we're using a really thing assembly lube which probably better mimics how it will line up with full oil pressure.

    Taking deck clearance into account, I took Joe's suggestion and picked up a NOS (1966!) set of Fel Pro 7922 head gaskets . They measure .051 uncompressed so it sounds like Joe's claim of .037 compressed is reasonable. that should give me a quench of .046 which is safe but in the target zone.

    With the cam in where it is, I've got a DCR of 7.85, and a static compression of 9.75. All in target range, and should be fine on pump gas.

    Walt - they are all Clevite bearings, and for clearances I've got : .0025 on the 1,2,3,4 mains, .003 on the #5, .005 crank thrust (which took forever!) , .0022 on the rods, .004 for the pistons, .015 for the rod side clearance.

    I've only got a few hours to work on it today, so the target is to finish piston installation, pack and install the oil pump, fit baffle and install the pan, install the front cover and flex plate. Hopefully I'll have a photo of a finished shortblock for you tomorrow.
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    Always interesting to follow along on these builds, so much good information.
  8. Bigpig455

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    Well its officially a shortblock, although I didnt get quite as far as I wanted today. All the deck clearances are consistent, the oil pickup is a reasonable distance from the pan and all the rod side clearances are good. checked and packed the oil pump but needed a gasket for final install, and needed a new front seal for the front cover before install... so far, so good.

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    How'd I miss this until now! More CT engines coming together
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    is the timing chain tight?
  11. Bigpig455

    Bigpig455 Fastest of the slow....

    yeah it is, remarkably so! But it only has like 5 miles on it.

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