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Discussion in 'The whoa and the sway.' started by Eric Strouse, Mar 9, 2018.

  1. Eric Strouse

    Eric Strouse Active Member

    In doing research for an upgraded steering box conversion - I’ve run into some variables that I’d to see if anyone has thoughts on. Lares make the 1353, 970, 971, 972, 973 and a 974 steering boxes. The 972 & 974 are 10:1 fast ratio steering box. In speaking with a Lares rep. today he is suggesting that the fast ratio box would be to much for a simple street driver car, it’s more of a street/race car application. And others on different forum boards have differing opinions on the close ratio as well. His recommendation was the 970 box. The scenario with the fast ratio would be if I tried to swerve to miss a pot hole, it could have a reaction so quick that it would throw me into the ditch at higher speeds...don’t know if I believe that, but that’s was the explanation???

    Luckily for me Jegs is headquartered here in Columbus and I have several go to guys there I can ask questions, so I asked them what they’d recommend? They are recommending Borgeson 800205 - Reason being its a variable ratio and not a fixed ration? Has anyone used the variable ratio box and is it or would it be better than the Lares 970 box? The price difference doesn’t really matter - just trying to optimize my decision for the conversion. Thoughts?


    PS: I checked my own cars ratio from Lock to lock and it was 4.25 turns - thought that was excessive. The 970 box is 3.25 lock to lock and that would be an immediate improvement. The 972/974 would be 2.5 lock to lock.
  2. telriv

    telriv Well-Known Member

    I went from the 4.5 turns L-L on my '64 Riv. & put in a newer box with less than 2.5 L-L & LOVE IT!!!!! Makes it fell like rack & pinion. Many who have driven it also commented on how it felt like a much more modern car with rack & pinion. Like everything else you will get accustomed to it very quickly.
    I don't think you'll be disappointed with your decision.

    Tom T.
  3. Lucy Fair

    Lucy Fair Nailheadlova

    I have installed Grand Cherokee stdering box in my Riv. It's 12,7:1 ratio with firm valving making speed driving very stable on highway. I can't see how you could go wrong with faster box.

    Peace, Kacper.
  4. Eric Strouse

    Eric Strouse Active Member

    I decided to order the Lares 970 box instead of the 972 or 974 (when I called Lares - they said both of these were out of stock as of Friday, they ran out parts to build them???). Also, read somewhere in a Hot Rod article the variable box was not recommended because to it consistentcy variable. Basically stay with one set of gear ratios not a variable.

  5. knucklebusted

    knucklebusted Well-Known Member

    The Lares guy was blowing smoke! These quick ratio boxes are in everything now days and they make our old cars drive like modern cars. Add some better front end geometry and an alignment and it will be drive awesome. I've been driving one for 4 years now and I could not go back1
  6. DasRottweiler

    DasRottweiler -BuickAddict-

    I did the 69 Chevelle SS 396 steering box swap in my 70 Skylark . Same raglink, direct bolt in. Quick ratio. Google it, I ordered mine from Advance Auto. Jim
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  7. Ken Adams

    Ken Adams Well-Known Member

    Do you have a parts # for the 69 Chevelle SS 296 steering box?
  8. DasRottweiler

    DasRottweiler -BuickAddict-

  9. DasRottweiler

    DasRottweiler -BuickAddict-

    Cardone Power Steering Gear Part No. 27-6509
    If you read thru the thread above it has people using it with good results ...Jim
  10. Eric Strouse

    Eric Strouse Active Member

    Update: had a chance to put the Lares 970 stearing box in my ‘69 yesterday. Big difference - 3 turns L to L. A lot tighter feel than the old box. Would have liked to have driven it more, but i’ve sent the bumpers off to rechrome - so driving it around the neighborhood was all I did. Autozone free shipping - after core return = $126. We put some heat to the old one while still mounted in the car from underneath, took a long spud bar placed it on the top of the pitman from up top the engine compartment and smacked it off with a couple hits. Less than a minute. Anyways, good upgrade.
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  11. NOTNSS

    NOTNSS Gold Level Contributor

    Any issues with increased turning radius with the Lares, Cardone, etc.?
  12. Harlockssx

    Harlockssx Brother Graw Mad

  13. Eric Strouse

    Eric Strouse Active Member

    Would like to tell you more, however right now both of my bumpers are still out to be rechromed and I have only driven it around the neighborhood a couple of times. But, it seemed a whole lot better than stock. I can tell you mine is 3 turns lock to lock and not 2.5 turns.;s probably a 12:7 ratio and not a 10:1 ratio. Don’t know how much of a difference there is between the two. Doesn’t seem like much - 1/2 turn difference. Working on converting a ‘78 Berlinetta tilt column that I bought for $75 out of a junk yard now.

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