ST400 for a 1965 Riviera

Discussion in 'Parts wanted' started by joeandsue, Jan 9, 2019.

  1. joeandsue

    joeandsue Member

    I am looking for a nice or rebuilt switch pitch tranny with as much accessories i.e. converter and switches to fit my 65 Riv. Anyone out there have one after converting to an over drive unit?
    Thanks Joe
  2. skybird300

    skybird300 GS400

    I have a working trans out of a '67 GS400 and the kick down swtch is a 3 wire with intake bracket from a Nail Head Car with micro switch and linkage. My Brothers are going to Fla next week.
  3. GranSportSedan

    GranSportSedan Taco builder, Burrito expert

    Where are you at? I have a 65 st400 out of a 65 Riviera with 323 gears. Also have the torque converter
  4. joeandsue

    joeandsue Member

    I am 40 miles North of Tampa. Is the trans in good shape?
  5. wheelz

    wheelz 'B' is for Buick.

    Joe, I have a SP400 - 64-66 Nailhead, shortshaft. I'll make you a good deal!
    btw I still have 2 -15" 5 on 5 Rally Wheels you wanted two years ago...
    Email me direct for details:

    Wheelz, Tampa Bay
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  6. GranSportSedan

    GranSportSedan Taco builder, Burrito expert

    I'm in Oregon and couldn't be farther away from you. Sounds like wheelz has what you need and is much closer
  7. GranSportSedan

    GranSportSedan Taco builder, Burrito expert

    Joeandsue, make sure you get a 65 or 66 transmission. 64 is one year only and not a switch pitch.
  8. dual-quadism

    dual-quadism Black on Black

    I have one I might sell. Located in SoFlo. Rebuilt, no miles. PM me
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  9. gssportwagon

    gssportwagon Active Member

    I have a working bop 400 out of a 67 wagon, it has a 9 inch tail shaft, torque converter, and kick down with bracket. I am in Ohio, but planning a trip to Jekyll Island in April. This may be a stretch but will be two hours away from you in New Symrna Beach. If this sounds interesting, let me know.

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