Son's paltoon hit in Iraq yesterday

Discussion in 'Help From Above' started by jj455, Jan 11, 2009.

  1. jj455

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    Son's platoon hit in Iraq yesterday

    The war came to close for me today. My son's platoon was hit with 2 mines yesterday as they patroled the streets near Sadar City. He was just given this platoon 10 days ago. He has 3 MARP vehicles for his platoon. These are huge armor vehicles, v bottomed, with 50 cal guns atop of them. The front MARP shook off the first round, however the the next found the door seam, and the 15 pound porjectile pierced the vehicle. The driver lossed one of his legs and the right side PFC loss his life. I'm still numb, my son was in the right seat of the second MARP. Please continue to pray for the safety of our soldiers. And the families of the injured and killed. My heart is in my throat as I think of these two young men, and their families.
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  2. batcar

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    God Bless our Troops and their families, for the job their doing and the sacrifices they make.
  3. carmantx

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    My family and I pray daily for those like your son that fight for our freedom. Tell your son, a sincere thank you for what he does for us.

    And we will continue to pray for his and others safety.
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    God Bless you and your family. These kids have done an awesome job winning the war on terror and beating back the evil in the world.
  5. V8Sky

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    I pray for your son and all our soldiers. They are true heroes and I couldn't even imagine the danger they face everyday in Iraq.
  6. copperheadgs1

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    Let him know that many people here appreciate his bravery and service as with all the troops in harms way.
  7. doug adkins

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    we pray for them daily. Thank your son for keeping us alive.:pray:
  8. Woodsters

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    As others have already said, please tell your son that we appreciate his service for the United States of America. Our prayers are with him (and you) and we anticipate hearing of the successful completion of his tour of duty.
  9. Woodie

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    God bless and Semper Fi!

  10. docgsx

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    Prayers from us!

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