So why Buick love ?

Discussion in 'The Bench' started by no1oldsfan, May 27, 2020.

  1. Prairie Piston

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    I was around ten years old when my dad got a 70 GS stg1. I remember vividly him opening up the secondaries as we went under overpasses on the way to early morning practices. Pure joy. He literally bought the car from a little old lady that drove it once a week for groceries. Anyways my first car was a 69 Electra 225 and then a parts car for $150 less than my daily lol. Eventually I saw a really nice 69 Riv and I convinced my dad he should get it. He did and it was to be a mending fences father son project however he passed from cancer when I was 19. I’ve held on to the car 26 years as I raised my family and am finally making progress. It’s been an emotional ride. I might try to track down his old stg1 when I am done with the Riv. Don’t tell the wife lol
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  2. no1oldsfan

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    Awesome story. Proud of you for still having it.
  3. Premier 350

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    I wasn't consciously looking for a Buick when I got back into American cars back in 2011. It had to be GM, I won't touch a Ford, and don't know Mopars well enough.
    A full size car would be to tight in the garage, Corvairs were too left field, and Corvettes too the choice was narrowed down to GM F or A bodies or a Nova. Had to be a hardtop or convertible. I looked at a GTO and a Cutlass. Found the 'lark online and 9 years later, I'm a Buick guy!
  4. Nailhead

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    In the mid 70's our daily drivers were a 68 GTO and a 68 Mercury wagon, both high miles and a little tired. I decided to add a third car, something different that would be a long term keeper. After some thought I targeted the first generation Riviera. I wasn't smart enough to buy the best but was lured by low price---consequently I ended up with a 63 that had just been repo'd. I started what would become a long-term rehab project and meanwhile bought another cheap 63 that replaced the GTO as my daily driver.

    Fast forward to now and I still have the first 63. Many other old Buicks have come and gone, but besides the 63 my favorites have been a 64 LeSabre, a 65 Sportwagon, and a 65 Gran Sport post coupe.
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  5. 1970bl20

    1970bl20 1970bl20

    High school shop rat. Job placement program put me in a Pontiac - Olds dealership. Hated Olds engines and loved Pontiac. Then on to a Chevy - Buick dealer. Now my ranking was Pontiac,Buick,Chevy,Olds. From A line tech view point the Poncho and Buick just seamed better designed and less hassle to work on. I was looking for a G T O. Back in High school one of my classmates had a 70 GSX He invited me to attend the GS nationals with him and I had such A great time and enjoyed the spirit of community at the event. I started looking for A GS instead so I could hang out with these guys. One of my better decisions and I'm still proud to be a part of the Buick community.
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    Cool stories. I can see many similarities in them.

    As for me, I tell people I was conceived in a Buick and never left. Grandpa was a Buick/GMC dealer. Dad bought it off of him in the early 60s and raced a 66 GS at Beechbend when I was 4-5 years old. Those are my earliest memories. Won almost every time. The Buick rep told him exactly how to order the car to make it a winner. Then he gave Dad a sheet on how to prep it after it was delivered.

    Mom wrapped it around a telephone pole in 67 or 68 and I had a new scar under my chin from smacking the dash. Dad repaired it and sold it to a mail carrier. Talk about carrying the mail!

    When I turned 16, there was a beat-up 71 GS 350 that was traded in. I bought it for $400. I got a re-chromed bumper for my birthday and a new right fender for Christmas. I order the front and rear wing from GM but only the rear wing was in stock. I took a lot of crap for driving a Buick but among the small block boys, I wasn't the slowest thing in town.

    I met John Osborne a few years later and rode in his streetcar. WOW!

    I've owned some other hotrods but I've always had a Buick. My current 70 Stage 1 (in sig) has been mine for about 40 years give or take a few weeks. It was a late 70 car, built in June.
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  7. Tripple7

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    When we went for flight training for about six months to Goodyear AZ in 2008 we thought it was fun idea to buy a cool and affordable muscle car for our roadtrips and grocery shopping.
    So it became a pretty beat up '72 century BBB..
    Soon it turned out that even for grocery shopping that 455 was too bad..
    While others enjoyed their off time at the pool, we layed under the car at 104 degrees and it was fun.
    Rebuilt the engine in a parking lot and even if everybody told us "leave it guys, it will never run", we made it.
    Since then it had to be a buick, and 11 years later there she was, perfect: Silver Fern, black vinyl top..
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  8. PGSS

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    Pretty much the same story but I was 4 my Mom and Dad pulled into the driveway with a shiny brand new 66 Wildcat. I got it also at 16 with only 48,000 miles on it.
    My dad wasn't a car guy but we all seem to get into the same cars are parents drove. I very barely remember a few moments of their 55 Pontiac Chieftain or Star chief?? on the trade in.
    So Buick then far 2nd Pontiacs are my favorite. If they bought a Olds I would of most likely been a Olds guy.. "AGH" I cringe at the thought now..
    Whether your Pops is a car guy or not, what they drive seems to always become your favorite;)
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