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Discussion in 'High Tech for Old Iron' started by Eric Strouse, Jul 19, 2018.

  1. Eric Strouse

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    Any way to adjust throttle response just a little bit? The throttle is pretty sensitive, barely touch it and the car jumps out it’s shoes. I’m getting used to it, but would rather ease into the exceleration while in traffic when taking off. Linkage looks good, no slop or bad angles, not catching on anything. Simple 350 motor - i’d rather be nice to her rather than stomping on her all of the time. Just wondering if Holley had any adjustment for it?
  2. OHC JOE


    I have the same problem with my fitech setup
  3. Ken Warner

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    The farther from center (shaft) you can get the throttle cable on the arm of the throttle body will give you better throttle control. May require you to switch to an aftermarket throttle cable though.
  4. Kaule

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  5. Eric Strouse

    Eric Strouse Well-Known Member

    I was wondering if others that have installed the system notice the same thing and it’s just designed that way?
  6. Kaule

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  7. Eric Strouse

    Eric Strouse Well-Known Member

    Wow - thanks for tracking that article down. I’ll need to re-read all of it a couple of times, but at first read my Handheld ECU version is fine, but I need to upgrade the Handheld firmware to version 1.1.17 in order to reset the system for the “progressive linkages” they are suggesting. Interesting that the Sniper throttle body flows a huge 800 CFM and just cracking the throttle a little opens all 4 barrels at once (100%). No wonder the car is so jumpy. The new linkage backs off the ratio of opening the 2ndary barrels slower, which should get rid of issue. Again thanks...

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