Silvolite Pistons Hyperutectic (Pro's Cons)

Discussion in 'High Tech for Old Iron' started by CarolinaDrifter, Oct 5, 2016.

  1. CarolinaDrifter

    CarolinaDrifter Well-Known Member

    Anyone had poblems with the Silvolite Hyperutectic had problems Pro?, Cons?
  2. mygs462

    mygs462 Well-Known Member

    Are you doing a complete rebuild, If so why not use forged pistons? the assembly has to be rebalanced anyway.
  3. dan zepnick

    dan zepnick Well-Known Member

    Stay away from hyperutectics.they explode if used to hard.aka hi rpm!! Ask me how I no?? Go forged so you only do it once..just my 2cents!!

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